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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Amazing! This woman sends house guests to defecate in the garden, the reason will surprise you

Ivy Bloom, a resident of America, has recently shared a video and made such a revelation that people are surprised to know. Actually, the woman sends her guests to defecate in the garden of her house, even though there is a toilet in her house. The reason for this is such that after knowing you will be happy and perhaps you will also start criticizing.

There was a time when most of the people living in rural areas used to go to open fields or fields for defecation, but now toilets have been installed in almost every house and at many places even public toilets have been built by the government, due to which People no longer have to go outside to defecate. It is believed that open defecation spreads many diseases like typhoid and jaundice, but nowadays a woman is in the news, who encourages the guests coming to her house to go for open defecation, while there is no toilet in her house. is present. The reason for this is very special.

The name of this woman is Ivy Bloom. She is a resident of Arizona, America. Actually, Ivy had recently shared a video on the social media platform Instagram, in which she told a very strange thing. She said that she sends her guests to the garden outside her house to defecate, even though there is a toilet in her house, but still she does not allow anyone to go there. The interesting thing is that after defecating, they also take money from people in return for it.

According to the report of The Sun, Ivy has created a 'potty area' in her garden for defecation, where she sends guests to go potty, but for this also the guests have to follow some rules. First they have to note their names in a register and then they have to wear foil over their shoes. Then after entering the potty area, they have to dig a pit and defecate in the same pit. During this, they also have to keep in mind that the pit has to be dug at a distance of 6 inches from the wooden sticks present in the defecation area.

It is important to follow the rules

Apart from this, there is also a rule that people can use only 2 toilet paper rolls at a time after defecation and you have to put that toilet paper at the place where you have pooped. Not only this, Ivy says that after defecation, she herself gives some tree seeds to the guests and those seeds have to be put in the potty pit and then the pit has to be filled. Ivy says that its advantage is that new trees keep growing in her garden, which is obviously important for the environment.

People started criticizing the woman

However, some people did not like Ivy's method of growing trees. After watching the video, some people have praised him and some have also criticized him. People are saying that it is not at all right to make people defecate in the open, because it can spread diseases.

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