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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Akshay Kumar's cute daughter Angel has grown so much in 20 years, she gives competition to even the new actresses in beauty.

Juanna Sanghvi: The 2007 film Hey Baby entertained the audience a lot. Stars like Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh and Fardeen Khan were seen in the film. This film proved to be a blockbuster at the box office. Directed by Sajid Khan, this film was based on the American film Three Men and a Baby. Apart from the three lead actors in the film, there was also a cute little girl who stole all the limelight. The character of that cute little girl was played by Juanna Sanghvi. With this this girl became famous overnight. 20 years after the film, Juana's pictures are going viral again on the internet. Seeing this the fans are very happy.

Hey Baby's Juanna Sanghvi's smile made everyone crazy

Everyone was smitten by the innocence and smile of that small, sweet girl in Hey Baby. Cute Juanna Sanghvi not only won the hearts of the audience with the film Hey Baby, but the stars of the film were also impressed by her. Were. Fardeen Khan had shared a BTS photo from Na Hey Baby. He had written in the tweet that he had given up smoking to do the scene with little Juana. After the release of the film, the audience as well as the critics were smitten by Juana's cuteness. People believe that Angel stole the limelight from the three stars in the film.

Juanna Sanghvi has changed so much after 20 years

Let us tell you that Hey Baby's cute angel i.e. Juanna Sanghvi is now 20 years old. It is very difficult to recognize Juana in her latest pictures, but after seeing her, fans are demanding her comeback. After seeing her beauty and dimples, many people have even called her the second Preity Zinta of Bollywood industry. Let us tell you that no specific information has been revealed about Juana yet, but after seeing some of her pictures, fans want to know a lot about her.

Fans demand comeback in Bollywood

Actually, ASA Photographers had shared pictures of Juana Sanghvi some time ago. These pictures were of her 20th birthday, in which she was unrecognizable. Fans started reacting to the pictures. One user wrote, Juana's return to Bollywood will be wonderful. Another user wrote, bring it back to the movies. Let us tell you that Juana has now distanced herself from films and is currently away from the limelight. His Instagram account is also private.

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