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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

9 crore rupees suddenly came into the girl's account, considered it 'God's gift', but one mistake sent her to jail

An interesting case of South Africa is much discussed these days. Actually, a girl studying in college here had suddenly got around Rs 9 crore in her account, which she had considered as 'God's gift', but then she made a mistake due to which she had to go to jail. .

Who doesn't want to be rich? Often people think that if only Rs 2-4 crore had come into their account from somewhere, their life would have been better. Then he would sleep peacefully and live his life comfortably with that money. However, this does not happen in practice, because lakhs and crores of rupees do not suddenly come into anyone's account. However, many times it also happens that due to the mistake of the bank people, people become millionaires overnight, but then later when the bank people realize their mistake, they also take the money. One such case is much discussed these days, but there is a twist in this case.

In fact, when a girl named Sibongile Mani, studying at Walter Sisulu University in South Africa, checked her bank account, she found out that she had 8 lakh 50 thousand pounds i.e. about Rs 9 crore lying in her account. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw this, because as far as he knew, he was supposed to get about £ 85 a month in benefits from the government support scheme to help him pay for everything from food to essentials. But crores of rupees had come into his account.

Accepted money as 'God's gift'

According to the report of LadBible, even though crores of rupees had come into the girl's account due to a government mistake and she also knew that this money was not hers, still she decided to spend that money. He felt that this money was 'God's gift' and hence he spent it on designer clothes, latest iPhone and expensive bottles of liquor. She had spent about 50 thousand pounds, but finally she was caught. The police arrested him and charged him with theft and fraud. On this basis he was sentenced to five years in jail.

5 years of imprisonment had passed

According to reports, the case started in the year 2017 when she was arrested, while her sentence was to be given in 2022, but her sentence was quashed in 2023, because she claimed that she felt that the money was going to God. Had given and hence she was continuously spending. In this case, the girl's lawyer said, 'She is feeling very relieved and very happy that she will not have to go to jail and she wants to leave all this behind and make a fresh start again. She is rebuilding her shattered life.

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