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Friday, May 17, 2024

75 year old groom and 60 year old bride, unique wedding scene seen in Gujarat


 Gujarat News: Very interesting news is being heard from Mahisagar district of Gujarat. Where 75 year old Saiba Bhai Damor got married with 60 year old Kankuben Parmar with great pomp and show. Saiba Bhai Damor, who earns his living by farming, got his daughter married as per social rituals in collaboration with the society. Saiba Bhai looked so happy in his second marriage that he danced a lot to the tunes of the DJ. The entire village attended the marriage of two elders. According to the information received, Saiba Bhai was a widower, while Kankuben was also a widow. Both of them lived alone for a long time and now they have held each other's hands.

marriage with customs

Saiba Bhai Damor, 75, of Amethi village in Khanpur taluka of Mahisagar district of Gujarat, lived alone as there was no support in his old age. With the help of the villagers, the marriage of this old man, who was living a lonely life, was organized with great pomp. During this time the entire village participated in this unique wedding. With the consent of the entire village, Saiba Bhai and Kankuben get married in a temple of the village as per the customs of the society.

Where earlier Saiba Bhai had to cook food and do all the household work by himself. Now after marriage he also got a partner of his own. On this occasion, the groom Saiba Bhai said, I got married at the age of 75. I have to do all the work holding a stick. I have no support, no boy, if a bachelor dies then people say, the bachelor is dead. Now I am farming as slowly as possible. I got married today and am very happy.

First wife died due to illness

Saiba brothers Damor and Kankuben both already knew each other and this is their second marriage. Saiba Bhai Damor's first wife died due to illness a few years ago. He has a daughter who is married. In such a situation, there was no one in the family to serve the father in his old age. After his daughter's marriage, he was living alone somehow. Information about Kankuben is that he is a native of Moodsivada in Meghraj taluk. Kankuben was also married, but her husband also died due to some illness, after which she lived in the house of her maternal uncle's daughter.

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