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Friday, May 10, 2024

75 flights of Air India Express canceled again, when will the situation improve?

The situation of Tata Group's low-cost flight service Air India Express does not seem to be improving at the moment. Airlines have again canceled 75 of their flights on Friday. Due to this the company is incurring a loss of several crores of rupees.

Despite the return of employees from 'sick leave', the situation of Tata Group's Air India Express does not seem to be improving. On Friday also the company canceled 75 of its flights. The company has canceled these flights due to reduction in the number of cabin crew. Due to this the company has suffered a loss of several crores of rupees.

A few days ago, many employees of Air India Express suddenly went on 'sick leave', after which the company had to cancel 78 of its flights. Not only this, the company had also suspended the employees who were on sick leave. This entire matter came to an end late on Thursday night when the employees ended their strike and the company ended their suspension, but on Friday the company again had to cancel 75 flights.

Loss worth crores of rupees

Air India Express has suffered huge losses due to cancellation of flights. The company says that in lieu of cancellation the company has had to pay refunds and compensation to the passengers. Due to this he has to suffer a loss of about Rs 30 crores. According to DGCA rules in India, if there is flight cancellation by the airlines, then they have to give refund and appropriate compensation to the passengers.

Flights may be canceled on Saturday also

Due to shortage of cabin crew, the company's flights are continuously getting canceled since Tuesday. Till late Thursday night, a total of more than 260 flights of Air India Express had been cancelled. Now 75 more flights canceled on Friday have been added to this. It is estimated that 40 to 50 flights of Air India Express will be canceled on Saturday also. On Thursday, 85 flights of the company were cancelled, which is about 23 percent of its daily capacity.

This Tata Group company operates about 380 flights across the country every day. This also includes some international flights of short routes of the company, whose daily average number is around 120.

Situation may improve by Sunday

Media reports quoting Air India Express officials have said that the employees who went on strike are returning. Medical checkup of all of them is being done. Besides, fitness certificates are also being given to them. After this he is expected to return to duty soon. The company has expressed hope that all its flights will become normal by Sunday. The company has 73 airplanes in its fleet.

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