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Monday, May 20, 2024

3 reasons why Gautam Gambhir becoming head coach can be very beneficial for the Indian team


 Gautam Gambhir Indian Team Coach: Recently a big news came out about Gautam Gambhir. According to media reports, BCCI has approached Gautam Gambhir for the next head coach of Team India. BCCI has contacted Gambhir to gauge his interest in becoming the head coach of the Indian team and further discussions will be held after KKR's journey in IPL 2024 ends.

If we talk about Gautam Gambhir, at present he is the mentor of KKR in IPL 2024. Now, it remains to be seen whether he takes over the responsibility of the post of coach of Team India or not. Because if he becomes the coach of the Indian team then he will have to resign from the KKR team.

If Gautam Gambhir becomes the coach of the Indian team, it can be of great benefit to Team India. Let us tell you those three reasons due to which the Indian team will greatly benefit from Gambhir becoming the coach.

3. Expresses his frank opinion on every issue

The most special thing about Gautam Gambhir is that he speaks openly on any issue. He says very honest and straightforward things. It doesn't matter to them whether the other person feels bad or good. Whatever is in Gautam Gambhir's heart, he speaks it. This thing can be very beneficial for the Indian team. If any player has not done better, Gambhir will say it directly to that player's face and this will only help him improve. When someone is told something bad, it hits his heart and this motivates him to do better.

2. Thinking more about the team than individual performance

Gautam Gambhir always says that in India, individual performance of a player is given more importance than that of the team. If he becomes a coach then he can end this culture. If any big player does not perform well then Gautam Gambhir will not hesitate at all in dropping him. It is a very good thing for any team that no player considers his place in the team certain. With the arrival of Gautam Gambhir, the discussion will be on the performance of the entire team instead of one player.

1.Experience of winning World Cup and IPL trophies

Gautam Gambhir won the T20 World Cup title in 2007 and the World Cup title in 2011 for India. He played excellent innings in the finals of both these tournaments. That is why he knows what kind of game is played under pressure in big matches. Often the Indian team loses in the semi-finals and finals. Gambhir has full experience to overcome the pressure of these matches. Apart from this, he has also won the IPL trophy twice. This experience can also be useful to them.

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