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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Your skin will remain fresh for a long time in summer, just make a habit of bathing by putting these green leaves in water.

During summer, many skin related problems start occurring due to sweat and dirt. The smell of sweat starts bothering you shortly after bathing. To get rid of these skin problems occurring in summer, you can mix green leaves in bathing water. These are effective in making us feel fresh for a long time. Know...

During summer, itching, burning or other problems on the skin become more troubling. Irritability is common in summer because the skin gets affected due to sweat and dirt. If we look at it, summer is the worst time for skin. Actually, UV rays cause more damage to the skin in the summer season. Blackness or dullness starts appearing on the skin, which can spoil our entire look. Specialists say that there should be no lack of moisture in the skin. Home remedies can be tried to maintain freshness. To keep the skin refreshing, you can take the help of some leaves.

The specialty of these leaves is that freshness can be maintained in the skin. In today's time, people depend more on beauty products for better skin care. But they have many disadvantages because most beauty products contain chemicals. Let us tell you which leaves you can use in your beauty routine for herbal bath. Know…

Neem leaves are the best

In the summer season, make a habit of bathing by adding Neem leaves, which are rich in antibacterial properties, to water. By doing this, skin problems like itching or burning remain away from us. Apart from this, due to Neem the skin is able to repair itself from within. You just have to put neem leaves in water, boil it and mix the prepared water in normal water. Due to this home remedy of Neem, boils and pimples appear less in summer.

Neem herbal bath makes the skin glow and also keeps serious problems like eczema away. Neem water also benefits the hair because this method does not allow pimples or dandruff to persist on the head.

apply aloe vera gel

If you want, you can heat aloe vera gel in water and mix it in normal water. However, massaging aloe vera gel on the skin before bathing can provide double benefits. Due to this home remedy the skin remains healthy and glows. Aloe vera gel is full of antibacterial properties, hence it also protects the skin from boils or pimples. Aloe vera gel is considered best in skin care. If you want, you can also mix other things in aloe vera gel and apply it on the skin. By the way, by using this green leaf, your hair can also be protected from getting damaged throughout the summer.

green tea bath

It may sound strange but you can also take herbal bath with green tea. You can also use green tea in bathing to reduce belly fat because it can remove the smell of sweat coming from the body. Take water in a vessel and add one spoon of green tea in it. When the water cools down, mix it in normal water and use it for bathing. This recipe can keep the skin fresh for a long time. Because the freshness goes away after some time of bathing with normal water.

basil leaves

By the way, if you want, you can also mix basil leaves in bathing water. Soak basil leaves in water before sleeping at night and mix it in normal water before bathing in the morning. Tulsi is full of anti-bacterial and other properties. It is believed that it benefits skin, hair and health. Therefore, this summer you should also include this green leaf in your bath.

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