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Saturday, April 27, 2024

You might not know this secret feature of screenshot in iPhone, try it now

iPhone Screenshot: If you are an iPhone user then you will like these tricks very much. Know here in which ways you can take a screenshot in iPhone. Here you will be able to know about many other methods apart from taking normal screenshots.

Apple keeps bringing new updates for its users from time to time. Users also use Apple's shortcuts as per their convenience. One special thing about Apple is that compared to other phones, working on it is a little easier and less time consuming. This means that more things can be done in less time on iPhone because you get different shortcuts in it. Similarly, today we will tell you that if you want to take a screenshot in iPhone, then in how many ways you can take it.

Here we will tell you about many other secret methods apart from the normal method of taking screenshots. You can try these methods immediately and save a lot of your time by using these tricks.

How to take screenshot in iPhone

Till now, you all must have been taking screen shots in iPhone by pressing the power button and volume down button simultaneously. But you can also follow these tricks to take screenshots. In this, you can activate Siri in your Apple device and can also take screenshots by giving commands to Siri. For this, you can get a screenshot by saying 'Hey Siri take screenshot'.

Screenshot of entire webpage in iPhone

Apart from the trick mentioned above, this trick is also useful for you. It often happens that when you want to save the content of a website, you take screenshots one by one and save them. Due to which many screenshots are collected. But here we will tell you a trick using which you will be able to save the entire webpage.

For this, first of all go to the webpage whose screenshot you want to take. Now take the screenshot, after this when you save it, you will see the option of full page in the upper right corner. Click on this option and click on Save PDF option. After this you will get this complete PDF.

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