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Friday, April 5, 2024

White rice or brown rice? Who to eat is more healthy, know from expert

White or Brown Rice: Rice is a major part of the Indian diet, without which the food of many people remains incomplete. Especially in South India, rice is an integral part of the diet. Many people consider the commonly eaten white rice to be less beneficial for health and replace it with brown rice.

White or Brown Rice: Talking about Indian food, people all over the world are crazy about it. Now you will find Indian restaurants in foreign countries, where you will get to eat everything from Idli-Dosa to Dal Fry. Not only this, like India, the trend of eating pulses and rice is also being seen in foreign countries. Let us tell you that rice has always been a part of the Indian plate. Without this it is not considered a complete food.

In South India, you will see most of the people eating rice with sambar. Many people like rice so much that they include it in lunch and dinner. But dieters seem to avoid white rice a bit. Madhavi Savani, Clinical Dietitian at Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad, says that people who are losing weight, prefer to eat brown rice instead of white rice. But which of these two is the healthy option for us? Let us try to know from the experts.

Which to choose between brown or white rice?

Clinical dietitian Madhavi Savani says that Indian food is incomplete without rice. But some people have a question in their mind that what is better for our health – white rice or brown rice. Dietician Madhavi says that white rice is processed but brown rice contains many minerals and vitamins. Brown rice is counted among whole grains.

Vitamin B Complex

Experts say that brown rice contains high amounts of Vitamin B complex and protein. Besides this, its glycemic index is also low – which is very beneficial for diabetes patients. Apart from this, fiber is found in abundance in it, which keeps our digestive system fine.

Is white rice unhealthy?

Most people consider white rice unhealthy but it is not so. Carbs and starch are found in large quantities in white rice. Its glycemic index is high and the amount of fiber is low. This is the reason why people suffering from diabetes and weight loss stay away from it.

healthy option

It is obvious that brown rice contains more healthy elements than white rice. This is the reason why it is counted among healthy rice.

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