When Hina Khan's pride went to her head, she misbehaved with Shivangi Joshi on the set, the producer threw her out of the show. - Newztezz Online


Tuesday, April 30, 2024

When Hina Khan's pride went to her head, she misbehaved with Shivangi Joshi on the set, the producer threw her out of the show.


Hina Khan: The famous small screen show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai used to be people's favorite show at one time. Even today people like to watch it. Many stars became famous through this show. Actress Hina Khan has also got a lot of fame from this show. Hina Khan has made her name in every household by becoming Akshara. Fans liked Hina Khan very much in the role of Akshara. He liked Akshara's role as a cultured daughter-in-law very much. But fans were shocked when he suddenly said goodbye to the show. There were reports that Hina Khan herself had left the show but after 8 years, director Rajan Shahi revealed that Hina Khan had not left the show but she was fired.

Hina Khan was removed from 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai'


Recently, during an interview, Rajan Shahi explained the reason behind this. While talking to Tele Talk India, he said that Hina Khan had started interfering too much in his work. Although his work was quite good, his interference in the script of the show had increased a lot. A lot happened at that time and I had to meet with the channel several times for this. Rajan Shahi further said, 'One day the shooting was going on and Hina did not want to say some lines. Those lines were in support of Shivangi Joshi's character Naira. Even Hina had clearly refused to say those lines.

Hina Khan did not shoot


After which I had to tell her that she would have to do the same scene but she did not agree to this. After this I told him to either do the shooting or leave the set. Rajan Shahi further told that Hina Khan remained sitting in the make-up room the whole day and at night when she left the set, she was given a message that her services had been terminated and she now needed to come to the set. Not there. However, the next day she came and shot the scene as it was written. But Rajan Shahi had lost his temper with him. So at the time of pack up he was again told that he no longer had any association with the show and would not continue further.

Deleted 6 scenes of Hina Khan


Rajan Shahi further told that he had removed six scenes of Hina Khan, which Hina Khan had shot with Shivangi that day. The producer said that after Hina's exit, it took the team three days to resume work and everything was fine. There was also a good jump in the TRP of the show.

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