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Saturday, April 27, 2024

What is 'common desire'? This special connection is with Mukesh Ambani

Today we will tell you about a unique tradition of Mukesh Ambani. Its name is 'Aam Manorath', about which there are many beliefs in Hindu religion and it is also related to the Shrinath form of Lord Shri Krishna. What happens after all, let us know..

Asia's richest man and billionaire industrialist Mukesh Ambani is also India's largest mango producer. He has built Dhirubhai Ambani Lakhibaug Amrai in the Reliance Refinery Complex in Jamnagar, which is spread over about 600 acres. Most of the mangoes grown here are exported, but do you know that the Ambani family celebrates 'Aam Manorath', a tradition related to the mangoes grown here, with great pomp. It is also related to the Shrinathji form of Lord Krishna. Let us tell you the complete story of this tradition…

We all know that Mukesh Ambani and his family are very religious. Not only this, he is also an ardent devotee of Shrinath ji located in Rajasthan. Mukesh Ambani often goes to Shrinath Ji with his family to offer prayers. The Ambani family also celebrates a tradition related to this temple in their Antilia.

'Aam Manorath' takes place in Krishna temple of Antilia

There is a big Shri Krishna temple in Mukesh Ambani's house Antilia. Every year the Ambani family celebrates 'Aam Manorath' in this temple. Mukesh Ambani's wife Nita Ambani herself keeps a close eye on the preparations related to this. In the festival of 'Mango Manorath', the first crop of mango is offered to Shrinathji form of Lord Krishna.

In this the temple of Antilia is decorated with mangoes. Even chandeliers are made from mangoes. According to media reports, mangoes for this festival are brought from Reliance's Jamnagar orchards only. There is also a wonderful folk tale mentioned about this festival.

Lord Krishna liked mangoes very much

There is a folk tale related to the childhood of Lord Shri Krishna regarding 'Aam Manorath'. According to this story, once Lord Shri Krishna was playing in his courtyard in Gokul, when a poor mango seller came there. Hearing the voice of the mango seller Gopi, Lord Shri Krishna placed grains in his Anjuli (a posture made by joining the palms of both the hands). After getting filled, he ran towards that Gopi, but by the time he reached there, he had only a little grain left in his hand.

After this, he asked Gopi to give him mangoes in exchange of grains, then seeing his innocence, Gopi gave him as many mangoes as could fit in the two hands of Lord Krishna in exchange of that little grain. Then that Gopi went away with those few grains and when she reached the banks of Yamuna, she found her basket heavy. After this, when he took the basket off his head and saw, all the grains had turned into gems and jewellery. The festival of 'Aam Manorath' is celebrated based on this story.

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