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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Troubled by the scorching heat, people have started running AC, know the disadvantages caused by it.

Air Conditioner Side Effects:
As much as you get relief from the heat by staying in an air conditioner room, it also causes harm to you. It causes many harms to health which include dryness in eyes and difficulty in breathing. Along with this, you can also become a victim of dehydration.

It is becoming extremely hot in North India, changing temperatures can harm health in many ways. There is a need to take more care of oneself in this season. Despite this, people often fall ill due to some mistakes. As important as it is to stay hydrated and avoid heatstroke, it is equally important to know how we keep ourselves healthy even while staying indoors.

Nowadays, people have started running air conditioners to escape the scorching heat and get restful sleep. This not only gives relief but it also gives rise to many diseases. You may have to face these problems by staying in a room with air conditioner for a long time.

This is the effect of running air conditioner on health.

Running the air conditioner gives you relief from the scorching heat, but staying or sleeping in a room with an air conditioner for a long time can harm your health. This affects your skin, eyes and other body parts. Many health experts say that the use of AC greatly increases the risk of infectious diseases. Along with this, if you use AC then you should pay special attention to its cleanliness. Let us know what is the harm caused by staying in AC room for a long time.

1.Can become victim of dehydration

It is very important to keep the body hydrated in summer, whereas AC absorbs all the moisture from the room to keep the room temperature cool. Staying in this room for a long time can make you a victim of dehydration. In fact, when you stay in an AC room, you feel very less thirsty due to the cold temperature, due to which your body soon loses moisture.

2. Causes harm to eyes and skin

Spending too much time in AC causes skin and eyes to become moist quickly. Due to this, a layer of dryness starts forming on the skin. Spending too much time in an AC room can increase the problem of dry eyes.

3. There may be difficulty in breathing

If you are an asthma patient or have trouble breathing due to any disease, then you should not spend too much time in an AC room.

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