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Friday, April 26, 2024

These 5 beach destinations of India are budget friendly, you will lose your heart after seeing the beauty.

If we talk about visiting beach locations in India, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is Goa, but it also takes a good budget to explore this place. There are some beach locations where you can visit for less money than Goa. So let us know.

Hardly anyone does not like to spend holidays at the seashore. For this, people go abroad and if we talk about the country, most of them choose Goa because it is a very popular beach destination. However, if you are looking for a beach destination which is budget friendly then you can explore some places in India. In fact, you can explore these beach destinations in a lower budget than Goa. The best thing is that by coming here, you will get to see beautiful views of the sea and sandy beach as well as greenery.

From the high peaks of the mountains, if people want to explore the most then it is the beach destination. Spending time at the seashore makes anyone feel energetic and refreshed. Beach destination is also perfect for adventure lovers. For now, let us know about some such beach destinations which, apart from being beautiful, can also be budget friendly for you.

Explore Puri Beach Destination

If you want to plan a beach vacation to spend a relaxing time, then you can head to Puri in Odisha. This place is famous for its beautiful temples. You can explore the heavenly gate called the heartbeat of Puri. Here you can enjoy a walk and snacks on the sea shore in the pleasant evening. Baleshwar beach is also very famous here and it will also be budget friendly.

Rock Beach of Puducherry

If you want to explore a seaside destination with your family, then you can go to Puducherry in South India. The beauty of the rock beach here is enough to soothe anyone's heart. Along with adults, children will also like this place.

Aryopalli Beach of Odisha

If you want to go to a peaceful beach destination away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then you can go to Aryapalli. You will keep admiring the beauty of the coast here along with the far-stretched sea. The view of sunrise and sunset here will settle in your heart. The weather in the morning and evening is also very good.

Go to Kochi, Kerala

Talking about the most famous tourist destinations of South India, Kochi is one of the favorite places of the people. There are many beautiful beaches here, where apart from going with family, friends, partner, you can also plan a solo trip. Along with enjoying the view of the beach, you can also explore many other places in Kochi.

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