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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

There are so many types of mangoes, very few people know about these 10.

Many people like to eat mango very much. That's why we eagerly wait for summer. You must have heard about many varieties of mango like urban, langra and safeda. But today we will tell you about many more varieties of mango.

Summer has started and many people like this season because mangoes are available in abundance at this time. Although many fruits are available in this season, most people are crazy about mangoes. They make shakes from it or consume it in sweet and sour chutney, pickles and in many other ways. Also, there are many varieties of mango. Many different varieties of mangoes are found in different parts of India. Every mango has its own specialty. Their colour, taste and smell are all different from each other. You must have heard about Dussehri, Langra and Safeda mangoes. Similarly, today we will tell you about such varieties of mango which are most popular in India.

Totapuri Mango

Totapuri mango is slightly sour in taste. The structure of this mango is like the beak of a parrot. That's why it has been named Totapuri. This mango is found mostly in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Mostly it is used for making salads and pickles.

alphonso mango

Alphonso mango is found in Maharashtra. Besides, it is also found in some parts of Karnataka and Gujarat. It is included in the most expensive mango variety. It is also exported to other countries also. You can recognize it by its fragrance. This pulp is saffron in color from inside. Also it is very sweet.

Himsagar Mango

Himsagar mango is very sweet to eat. It is found in West Bengal. The weight of one mango can be around 250 to 300 grams. Its shake and pulp are widely used for sweets. It is light green from outside and its pulp is yellow.

sindhura mango

The taste of Sindhura mango is sweet and sour. It is mostly used to make shakes. Its color is red from outside and bright yellow from inside.

Raspuri Mango

Raspuri mango is found more in Old Mysore, Karnataka. This variety is considered Maharani. This variety of Aan arrives in the month of May and lasts till the end of June. Mostly it is used to make smoothies and jams. This mango is 4 to 6 inches long.

Byaganapalli Mango

This variety of mango looks like Alphonso. This mango is found at Banganapalle place in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. In appearance, its color is completely yellow and there are light spots on it.

chausa mango

Chausa mango is very much liked in Bihar and North India. Its taste is absolutely sweet and it is bright yellow in appearance.

Malda Mango

The taste of Malda mango is sweet and sour. In Bihar it is called the king of mangoes. People mostly use it to make chutney. Compared to other mangoes, its shape is quite thin.

biju mango

This mango is found widely in Jharkhand. It is small in size and its taste is juicy and sweet. But fibers are present in it. It is also used in making amavat, pickle and dry mango powder.

Kesar Mango

This variety of mango is found mostly in Gujarat. It is also considered the most expensive. Due to the smell of this variety of mango being like saffron, it is called Kesar Mango.

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