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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Parents repeat these mistakes while sending children to school in summer

The summer season has started and it proves to be very difficult for children to go to school. During this time, parents make many mistakes in the school routine of their children which harm them knowingly or unknowingly. Let us tell you more about these and what things parents should keep in mind during this time.

It is very difficult to send children to school during the summer season. The child's skin and health are sensitive and parents repeat many such mistakes due to which many problems start occurring. Actually, the child's school session starts in the month of April and summer also starts in this month. Children suffer a lot due to problems like lack of water in the body, skin burning or itching. Parents should take special care of many things, from the diet of the child to the care of his skin.

Despite knowing the harsh weather conditions, parents repeat many mistakes while sending their children to school. In this article we are going to tell you about these mistakes. Also know how parents can take better care of their children even while going to school. Learn.

mistake in eating

If the child is going to school for the first time, then most of the parents make the mistake of packing parathas or other spicy things in his lunch. In the summer season, this type of food can also make children suffer from acidity, stomach ache or other stomach related problems. Due to this mistake of the parents, the child may suffer from vomiting or diarrhea. It is not easy to digest such heavy food in hot weather. Simple food should be kept in the child's lunch. Also, such fruits should also be packed which have high water content. There is a fear of dehydration in summer, hence keep fruits like watermelon or melon in the child's tiffin.

lack of cleanliness

Many parents make the mistake of making their child wear the same dress for 2 to 3 days continuously. Due to sweat and dirt, the skin gets infected or it starts itching. Parents do this out of laziness and it has a bad effect on the child's skin. The child's school dress should be changed regularly and also washed. Apart from this, give herbal bath to the child using neem, basil or other leaves. By doing this their skin remains fresh for a long time.

not changing socks

Many parents make the mistake of making their child wear one or two socks for several days. Doing this can cause infection in the toes. Because the skin of the feet gets damaged due to dirt and sweat. Avoid doing this.

sleeping late and waking up early

Nowadays, children spend more time on mobile and TV. Many parents feel comfortable in it and they keep their child engaged in it till late night. Due to doing this the child sleeps late and wakes up early for school. Due to not getting enough sleep, the child's mental health is adversely affected and he does not pay attention to his studies. The child is not able to focus even on school activities. Parents should put their child to sleep by 10 pm because in this way he will be able to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Due to correct sleeping pattern, the mind also remains quite active.

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