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Monday, April 29, 2024

'I know what's going on...' Virat Kohli got angry at the criticism regarding strike rate, vented out his anger on the commentators.


Virat Kohli: The performance of Team India and Royal Challengers Bangalore's veteran batsman Virat Kohli has been excellent in IPL 2024. He is the highest run-scorer this season and has captured the Orange Cap. On Sunday, he also had a brilliant innings with his bat against Gujarat Titans.

However, many cricket experts are raising questions on Virat Kohli's strike rate and have accused Kohli of playing for personal records. But after the match against Gujarat Titans, Virat gave a befitting reply to all his critics.

Virat Kohli replied to the critics

After the end of the match against Gujarat Titans, Virat Kohli, during the post match presentation, expressed his views on many matters including the pitch, Will Jacques' innings and his strike rate. They said,

“All those people who talk about strike-rate and my not playing spin well, they keep talking about these things. For me, it is important for the team to win matches and that is why you have been a part of the team for the last 15 years. You have done it many times day after day, you have won many matches for your team.”

Virat further said, “I think the people talking about the game from the box (commentary box) have never played cricket in these conditions themselves. People can talk about their perceptions of me all day long, but people who do this every day know what's going on and now I'm used to it all."

Virat Kohli revealed the team's plans

Talking about the future plans of RCB, Virat Kohli said,

“We want to play for ourselves, play for our self-respect. Now we cannot play the way we played in the first part of the tournament. We are attacking more, putting our body into the field, that's the way we want to play.”

“Except the last two matches, we have not been up to standard so far, but we want to continue this (winning streak), there is a very good atmosphere in our dressing room. “We want to play for ourselves, maintain some self-respect as to why we are playing at this level and also for the fans who continue to support us.”

Virat Kohli praised Will Jacques

Virat Kohli and Will Jacques made an unbeaten match-winning partnership of 166 runs for the second wicket. Virat (Virat Kohli) scored 70 runs in 44 balls, while Jacques scored a century of 100 runs in only 41 balls. Kohli praised Will Jacques after the match and said,

“Unprecedented! When Jacques came to bat, he was not able to hit the ball the way he wanted to. But we know how explosive a batsman he is. As soon as he made Mohit Sharma's over big, my role changed completely."

“I was happy that I was watching the match from the other end. I thought we could win the match in 19 overs, but to finish it in 16 overs was amazing. I think Will Jacques' century is one of the best T20 centuries ever. I was happy to see it closer from the other end.”

Regarding the pitch, Kohli further said, “The wicket was very good, I mean after their (Gujarat) innings the pitch settled down and maybe that was the reason why both the teams wanted to bowl first. Due to the decrease in temperature, the pitch became cool and the ball started coming on the bat well. I enjoyed batting a lot, hitting boundaries whenever needed. We never let the run-rate go below 10 RPO while chasing and we all saw what Jacques did in the end.”

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