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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

'Hey, will Hardik go inside and play too or...', fans get angry again at Hardik Pandya


IPL 2024 has been like a nightmare for  the Indian team 's star all-rounder Hardik Pandya. Hardik is captaining Mumbai Indians, but till now MI team has been able to win only 3 out of 8 matches under his leadership. The situation is that while on one hand Hardik is worried due to his form, on the other hand the fans are also trolling him fiercely. Now another video has surfaced in this series. 

Hardik becomes a troll again

Hardik Pandya's viral video is from the match between Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings. During this match, when Hardik Pandya was warming up while waiting for his batting, the fans present in the stadium were seen harassing him. A person made a video of Hardik and trolled him very badly.

The person trolled Hardik by targeting his current form. He said that 'Hardik will score runs inside the field or will go away after scoring runs from outside. The entire IPL is gone, T20 World Cup is about to come, your runs have not come. Not only this, meanwhile the person said 'Hardik,
I call you by your real name. Also tried to harass me by saying 'Take your waist'.

However, meanwhile, Hardik did not give any reaction after seeing the person and just kept on warming up. Let us tell you that in this match Hardik could not do anything special with his bat. He was out after scoring only 10 runs on 6 balls and then he bowled 4 overs and took one wicket while giving 33 runs.

Hardik's current form is an alarm bell not only for Mumbai Indians but also for the Indian team. This is because India has to play T20 World Cup in the upcoming time. This tournament will be played in the month of June. If Hardik does not return to form by then, it may be very difficult for the Indian team to win the tournament.

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