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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

'Happy death, never come back..' When Nargis was happy with the death of Meena Kumari, you will be surprised to know the reason.


Meena Kumari: Famous actress Meena Kumari, who is called the 'Tragedy Queen' of Hindi cinema, has ruled the hearts of fans through her beauty and acting for many years. He has worked in many great films in his career. At the age of just 33, Meena Kumari had worked in more than 90 films. Because of which he neither lacked wealth nor fame. Let us tell you that it was good for the actress to win her film career and her death was equally painful, but today through this report we will narrate an incident related to Meena Kumari and Nargis, after hearing which you will be surprised.

 Husband treated Meena Kumari badly

Meena Kumari's marriage itself had become hell for her. If reports are to be believed, her husband Kamal Amrohi used to misbehave with her. Not only this, but Meena Kumari's husband also used to beat her a lot. Kamal Amrohi had also imposed many restrictions on Meena Kumari. The actress was not allowed to meet any other man or even go out. Neither did her husband allow the 'Tragedy Queen' to work with other directors or producers. According to the information, only women were allowed to enter Meena Kumari's makeup room, but any non-male was strictly prohibited.

Nargis cried after seeing Meena Kumari in painful condition.

Troubled by her husband's restrictions, Meena Kumari had made alcohol her means of survival. The actress had suffered from liver cirrhosis due to being under the influence of alcohol for a long time. After which she continued to suffer in pain day and night. In those days, actress Nargis Dutt had a close friendship with Meena Kumari. Nargis often used to come to her sick friend's house to meet her. Nargis's eyes filled with tears after seeing Meena in such a bad condition. She wanted Meena to give up alcohol, but she was completely immersed in her own world.

Nagaris said these things on Meena's death

That was the dark day of March 31, 1972, when Bollywood's 'Tragedy Queen' said goodbye to the world forever. When this news reached Nargis Dutt's ears, she was completely broken, but hurt by her friend's death, the actress also said, 'Congratulations on your death Meena, now you never come back'. As long as Meena lived in this world, her life was full of pain. Therefore, Nargis was not only sad when the actress left, but she was also happy that she got freedom from her hell-like life.

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