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Monday, April 29, 2024

Do not eat these things with curd in the summer season, your health may deteriorate.

Worst Combination With Curd: As soon as summer comes, people start eating curd, it cools your body but you should not eat it with some things at all.

Most people like to eat curd to keep the body cool during the summer season. This also provides many benefits to health. Many nutrients like sodium, potassium, fiber, protein, calcium, iron and vitamin D are found in curd. In summer, people often eat curd with food or eat it with paratha for breakfast. But you should not eat curd at all with some things, otherwise it can cause great harm to your health.

Curd is a storehouse of qualities but despite this, eating it with some things can definitely cause harm to you. Let us know with which things you should not eat curd.

Do not eat jaggery with curd

If you eat jaggery mixed with curd, then you should stop eating both of them together today itself. Eating jaggery mixed with curd can increase your weight rapidly. The nature of jaggery and curd is different from each other. While on one hand jaggery is of hot nature, curd is of cold nature. Consuming these two together may cause cough, cold, fever and headache.

milk and curd

Milk should never be consumed mixed with curd. Not only curd but you should not eat any fermented product with milk. By doing this you may suffer from stomach ache as well as many other digestive problems.

Yogurt and Tea

Curd and tea both have opposite effects, this combination can slow down your metabolism. Not only this, your digestive system is also affected by this.

Curd and Mango

Some people use curd with mango shake. Actually, animal protein is found in curd which can cause fermentation in the body after mixing with any fruit. It can cause many problems in the body like indigestion, acidity.

Yogurt and Onion

You should never use curd with anything made from onion. Many people chop onion and mix it in raita. Onion has a hot nature whereas raita has a cold nature. Eating these two together can cause pimples on your face, skin irritation and even allergy problems.

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