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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Defeats China, Mukesh Ambani's favorite company becomes number 1 in the world

Jio is the largest telecom company in the country. Whose user base is more than 48 crores. Now Jio has become the world's largest telecom company by defeating China's telecom company. Let us also tell you in which case Mukesh Ambani's company has achieved this feat.

Mukesh Ambani is the richest businessman not only in India but also in Asia. Now his sting is speaking in the world. There are deals with all the big companies of the world. The CEOs and owners of those companies also appeared in the pre-wedding of Ambani's son. Will also be present at the wedding to be held in the month of July. Which will be in London. But you will not see any Chinese businessman or official in this list. Now Mukesh Ambani's favorite telecom company Jio has defeated China to become the world's number 1 telecom company.

According to the report, India's number one telecom company Reliance Jio has now emerged as the world's largest mobile operator by defeating China Mobile in terms of data traffic consumption. According to global analytics firm Efficient, total traffic on Jio's network during the January-March quarter reached 40.9 exabytes compared to China Mobile's 38 exabytes.

When will Jio benefit?

The company said in its presentation that Jio has the second largest 5G customer base of 108 million globally, more than 28 percent of its total wireless data traffic is now used by 5G users. The reflection of Jio's average revenue per user is also seen on Jio Bharat Phone users and Unlimited 5G promotional plans. According to experts, whenever there is an increase in tariff, Jio's continuously increasing users and increase in market share will increase the revenue. Experts believe that after the general elections, a 20-25 percent increase in tariff is expected.

Could not control APRU

Jio said that on top of all this, demand for AirFiber, Jio's fixed wireless home broadband offering, has been strong across 5,900 cities, driving quarterly home connections to a record-high level. The average daily data usage for Air Fiber customers is 13 gigabytes, which is 30 percent more than that of Jio Fiber customers. According to experts, despite reaching record high, the telecom company has not been successful in controlling ARPU. The main reason for this is that Jio has not yet monetized 5G.

What is the user base?

Experts say that the addition of Jio Bharat phone users and promotional unlimited 5G plan is impacting its ARPU, which has remained stable for three consecutive quarters. At the end of fiscal year 2024, Jio plans to increase its total customer base from 449 million to 482 million, consuming an average of 28.7 GB per user per month. But its ARPU has remained stable at Rs 182 as against Rs 181 at the beginning of the year.

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