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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Be careful in the habit of bathing as soon as you reach home in summer, it can prove costly.

In summer people like to take bath as soon as they reach home. Which can help in removing the tiredness of the day. But taking bath in extreme heat can harm your health. Let's know about it from experts

Summer season has arrived and in this season the condition of people gets worse due to the scorching sun. Even if you step out of the house after taking bath in the morning. But due to heat and sweat, irritation is felt. In such a situation, people like to go home and take bath again, so that they can feel refreshed. Many people take bath every day after facing the scorching sun or after reaching home from office. But doing so can harm your health. Let us know about it from experts.

Doctor Ankit Kumar of RML Hospital says that due to intense heat, body temperature remains high, in such a situation, when we suddenly take bath as soon as we reach home due to heat, the body temperature starts changing. Due to heat and cold, many types of infections can occur, this can increase the risk of sore throat and cold, in such a situation, it is important that after reaching home, first sit comfortably for at least half an hour and only then take a bath. .

There are some people who take bath several times in summer. They feel that this will refresh them. But this can cause harm to them. Frequent bathing can lead to skin related problems because it reduces the natural oil present in the skin due to which the skin starts becoming dry. Also, due to this you may face many skin related problems.

Therefore, keep in mind that one should bathe only twice in summer. In the morning and after returning home, take rest for a few minutes so that your body temperature becomes like room temperature or at night before sleeping. Also, you should avoid making these mistakes as some people reach home during the summer season.

Keep these things in mind after reaching home in summer

do not drink cold water

One feels very thirsty after coming back from the hot sun. In such a situation, most people make the mistake of drinking cold or ice water. Because after coming from outside the body temperature increases. In such a situation, if you suddenly drink cold water, it will cause change in body temperature and you may have to face problems like cold, sore throat and cough.

Do not sit in AC

Avoid sitting in an AC room after coming from bright sunlight. Because the cold air of AC can give you respite from the heat, but coming in a very cold place can make you feel hot. Due to which your health may be harmed.

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