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Monday, April 22, 2024

Bad smell comes from shoes, follow these tips


Smelly Shoes: As soon as summer starts, our shoes start smelling after a few hours. Due to which we start feeling embarrassed and also no one likes to be near us. In such a situation we have to face many problems. The biggest reason for shoes smell is sweating in the feet.

Smelly Shoes

Due to sweating of feet, there is always moisture in our feet due to which bacteria grows and our shoes start smelling. If your shoes also smell, then today we will tell you how you can get rid of the bad smell of your shoes?

wear open footwear

If your feet also smell bad, then you should buy open footwear instead of shoes in summer. Wearing open footwear reduces the problem of sweating in your feet. If there is no sweating, bacteria do not grow and gradually the smell of feet also stops.

Anti fungal powder can be useful

Most people start getting fungal infection by wearing shoes and socks for hours. Due to which their feet start smelling. To avoid fungal infections, you can use anti fungal powder. For this, whenever you wear socks, put anti fungal powder in them and only then wear the socks. By doing this bacteria does not grow in your feet.

don't forget to change socks

Most people wear the same socks for many days due to which they start smelling. If your feet sweat a lot then you should change your socks every four days. So that no kind of bacteria can grow.

Take special care of hygiene

It is very important to take care of foot hygiene. Many people, after coming from office or from outside, keep walking around the whole day without washing their feet. Due to which the feet are sure to smell bad. Therefore, when you come from outside, first of all wash and wipe your feet thoroughly with the help of soap. By doing this, the smell coming from your feet gradually gets eliminated completely.

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