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Friday, April 5, 2024

Amazing! Woman transferred her property worth Rs 45 crore to caretaker, relatives beat her up

An elderly woman from Italy is currently in the news because instead of giving her property worth crores to her nephews, she transferred it to her caretaker. It is being told that the woman had property worth about Rs 45 crore, which she gave to her caretaker.

Family means living together, sharing each other's joys and sorrows and living happily, but in today's times it is very rare to see people living like a family. Now people are thinking more about themselves instead of thinking about family. This is the reason why such cases are often seen and heard in which sons and daughters throw their elderly parents out of the house or do not take care of them. Now in such a situation, it is not surprising if parents write their property in the name of someone else instead of their sons and daughters. One such case is much discussed these days.

Actually, a woman living in Italy transferred her property worth crores to her caretaker. The relatives were shocked to know this. He had not at all expected that the woman would do something like this, rather he felt that after her death he would be the heir to the property. According to the report of a website called Oddity Central, the woman had no direct heir, so she left her entire property of 5.4 million dollars i.e. about 45 crores in the name of her caretaker, who was a resident of Albania.

Died at the age of 80

According to reports, the woman was a descendant of one of the most famous families of Rovereto, a town in the province of Trento, Italy, named Maria Malfatti. He died in November last year at the age of 80. Maria, a descendant of Valeriano Malfatti, the former mayor of Rovereto and vice-speaker of the Vienna Parliament, owned several valuable properties, including several apartments, a historic building in the center of the city, as well as millions in bank accounts.

Nephews evicted from property

Since the woman was not married, there was no direct heir to her property, but there were several nephews among her relatives, who were hopeful that they would inherit Maria's property, but for the last few years, she had been the caretaker. He was taking care of them, so Maria gave all her property to him.

Caretaker accused of fraud

However, when the woman's nephews came to know about this, they contacted a lawyer and filed a case to confiscate Maria's property, claiming that Maria had lost her mental capacity due to her old age. She had gone and the caretaker took advantage of that and got all her property in his name. At present this matter is in the court and investigation is going on to find out how much truth is there in the claims of Maria's nephews.

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