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Saturday, March 16, 2024

When Sudha Murthy took the biggest risk, 250 rupees were left in her pocket.

Sudha Murthy has recently been nominated as Rajya Sabha MP. He recently narrated the story of a program held by Infosys and the risks they took in it. He told how he took a big risk with Infosys and after that only Rs 250 was left in his savings.

It is said that when you have faith in your mind and have the capability to do something, then you have to take big risks. But this risk becomes greater when you trust others. That too at a time when you know that the person in front had failed in his earlier attempts. Sudha Murthy is one of those people who have taken such a risk. She did not play that bet on anyone else but on her own husband. Yes, this story is from the time when Narayan Murthy and Sudha Murthy were on high paid salaries. Narayan Murthy wanted to start his own business. At that time Sudha Murthy had given 10 thousand rupees from her savings. At that time only Rs 250 were left in his pocket. Let us also tell you how Sudha Murthy remembered this incident again.

When the biggest risk was taken

Sudha Murthy, who recently became a Rajya Sabha MP, on Friday recalled the time when she gave Rs 10,000 to husband NR Narayana Murthy as initial capital to start an IT company. However, Sudha Murthy said that she had decided to keep Rs 250 from her savings as she was taking a risk due to Narayana Murthy's previous failed venture. Narayan Murthy had laid the foundation of the legendary IT company Infosys with this money.

Sudha Murthy's argument

Sudha Murthy told that in 1981, when her husband told her that he wanted to start a software company, she argued that both of them already had well-paying jobs. He said in an event that Narayana Murthy had assured him that he would not proceed without his approval. He said that I had Rs 10,250 in savings. I saved Rs 250 for myself and gave the rest to him. He had failed in his previous venture Softronix, so I took the risk.

There was a lot of change after Infosys

Recalling the early days of the Indian IT services giant, he said that Murthy asked him to be prepared for a bumpy ride for the next three years. He said that when he started Infosys, there was a lot of change in my life, it was a responsibility, a commitment. Murthy said that building a company is no joke, it requires a lot of sacrifices. On taking oath as Rajya Sabha MP, he said that at the age of 73, this is a new chapter. But age is no barrier to learning.

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