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Monday, March 4, 2024

Lok Sabha Elections: Side effects of BJP candidates list! Some refused to contest elections and some took retirement.

BJP has released the first list of its candidates for the Lok Sabha elections. BJP on Saturday announced the names of candidates for 195 seats in 16 states and two union territories. After the release of BJP's list, side effects have started emerging. One BJP candidate has withdrawn his steps from contesting the elections after getting the ticket, while the other has refused even before the name was declared. Apart from this, after the ticket was canceled, Delhi's veteran leader Dr. Harsh Vardhan has retired from politics. Not only this, many leaders have refused to contest the elections even before the BJP list came out.

In its first list, BJP had declared Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh as its candidate from Asansol Lok Sabha seat of West Bengal, from where TMC's Shatrughan Sinha is the MP. Similarly, former Gujarat Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Nitin Patel has withdrawn from contesting the elections from Mehsana Lok Sabha seat. Both these BJP candidates have refused to contest the Lok Sabha elections on the second day of the list coming out. In this way, both the leaders have decided to withdraw their candidature.

Pawan Singh refuses to contest elections

BJP made Bhojpuri actor and singer Pawan Singh its candidate from Asansol Lok Sabha seat, but the very next day he said that he will not contest the elections. He has not given the reason for not contesting the elections, but has definitely said in his tweet that due to some reason he will not be able to contest the elections. However, earlier when the party had announced his name from Asansol seat, he immediately posted on social media and thanked the BJP high command. In such a situation, after suddenly refusing to contest elections, many questions have started being raised.

A major reason behind Pawan Singh not contesting the elections is said to be that there was huge opposition to BJP fielding him from Asansol Lok Sabha seat of West Bengal. The choice of 38-year-old Pawan Singh, resident of Bihar, had created a big controversy. Many people also pointed to his discography, which contains many songs with objectionable references to Bengali women. A section of BJP was feeling that Pawan Singh's candidature could prove to be a loss for the party in Asansol. That is why it was decided to remove him and then a tweet came in which Pawan Singh said that he was stepping down.

At the same time, the second reason is also being said that he is a resident of Arrah region of Bihar, he wanted a ticket from the Lok Sabha seat falling in Bhojpur region. Pawan Singh has his own popularity in this area and there were more chances of him winning if he contested the elections from this area. The reason behind this was that the political equations in this area were also in his favor, because Pawan Singh comes from the Rajput community and the general class voters dominate in these areas. In such a situation, Asansol seat was not fitting into his calculations, it is being said that due to this he has taken his step back.

Nitin Patel also left the election field

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat and veteran BJP leader Nitin Patel has withdrawn his candidature from Mehsana Lok Sabha seat. BJP had declared the names of candidates on 15 out of 26 seats in Gujarat on Saturday, in which the name of Mehsana seat was not included. On the second day of BJP's first list coming out, Nitin Patel refused to contest the Lok Sabha elections. He said that the party is searching for the name of its candidate from Mehsana Lok Sabha seat, the selection process is still going on, before that I withdraw my candidature. I pray to God that Narendra Bhai Modi becomes Prime Minister for the third consecutive time and increases the prestige of India in the whole world.

He has been active among the workers on Mehsana seat till the first list of BJP came out, but now he has expressed his desire not to contest the Lok Sabha elections. Patel served as the Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat from August 2016 to September 2021 under Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Before this, he had been a part of Narendra Modi's cabinet when he was the CM. Nitin Patel had refused to contest the assembly elections in 2022 and after that was preparing to contest the Lok Sabha elections, but now he has refused this too. However, he did not explain why he would not contest the Lok Sabha elections.

Political retirement of former Union Minister Harsh Vardhan

In Delhi, veteran BJP leader and former Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan did not get the ticket this time. BJP has fielded Praveen Khandelwal from Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha seat by canceling the ticket of two-time MP Harsh Vardhan. After the ticket was canceled, Dr. Harsh Vardhan has announced to leave active politics on Sunday. Harsh Vardhan, a five-time MLA and two-time MP, has served as Union Health Minister and Union Environment Minister. He also hinted at returning to his career as an ENT surgeon and resuming responsibilities at his clinic in East Delhi's Krishna Nagar.

Announcing his retirement from active politics, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that after an illustrious electoral career of more than thirty years, during which I won all the five assembly and two parliamentary elections with huge margins and held many prestigious posts in the Center and the State, Worked, but I'm going back to my roots now. In this way, he has talked about retiring from politics and returning to his old profession again. It is believed that due to not getting the ticket, he has taken this step out of politics.

Gautam Gambhir and Jayant Sinha's denial

BJP MP from East Delhi Gautam Gambhir and MP from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand Jayant Sinha had on Saturday urged them to withdraw from active politics even before the first list of BJP candidates came out. Gautam Gambhir wrote in his tweet that I have requested the Honorable Party President to relieve me of my political duties so that I can focus on my upcoming cricket commitments. Gambhir further wrote that I heartily thank the Honorable Prime Minister. He expressed gratitude to PM Modi as well as the Union Home Minister for giving him the opportunity to serve the people. Gautam Gambhari had entered politics in 2019 and was elected MP from East Delhi seat, but after five years he decided to stay away from politics.

At the same time, two-time MP from Hazaribagh Lok Sabha seat of Jharkhand, Jayant Sinha has also decided to stay away from politics. He tweeted before the list came out that I have requested Honorable Party President JP Nadda to relieve me of my direct election duties, so that he can focus his efforts on tackling global climate change in India and around the world. Sinha further wrote that of course, I will continue to work with the party on economic and governance related issues. He wrote that I have had the privilege of serving the people of India and Hazaribagh for the last ten years. In this way he has also refused to contest the elections.

Upendra Rawat will also not contest elections

BJP candidate from Barabanki in UP, Upendra Singh Rawat, has also refused to contest the Lok Sabha elections, his name was also included in the first list of BJP. Only after the name was announced, a video of Upendra Rawat went viral on social media, which he described as a deepfake video. On Monday, Upendra Rawat declared himself innocent and wrote on the social media platform Till then I will not contest any election in public life.

Understand the reason for BJP's side effects

Actually, BJP does not want to take any kind of political risk in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. BJP has set the target of winning 370 seats in the Lok Sabha elections and NDA's 400 seats. In such a situation, BJP does not want to bet on any MP whose victory is doubtful. BJP is expressing its confidence only on the winning candidate. BJP has canceled the tickets of more than 40 MPs in its first list of 195 candidates and has placed a bet on new faces in their place.

BJP's strategy is to cut the tickets of many of its old MPs and the party will field new faces in place of old faces. In this sequence, the current MPs of the party started getting indications of this. It is believed that after seeing their ticket being cut, the party MPs are respectfully distancing themselves. Apart from this, the leaders who have stepped back from contesting the elections are also due to some party's indications.

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