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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

International Women's Day: Never went to college, Savitri Jindal became India's richest woman

India's richest woman never went to college. The sudden death of her husband also devastated her completely. But still Savitri Jindal did not give up and handled the entire business very well. It is the result of his hard work and courage that today his net worth has reached 25.3 billion dollars.

International Women's Day i.e. Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8 March in the country and the world. In such a situation, today in the Women's Day Special, we are going to tell you about such business women, who never went to college but today they are on top in the list of richest women of India. Not only this, his name is also included in the list of rich people around the world.

We are talking about Savitri Jindal, owner of Jindal Group. Savitri Jindal's life was full of struggles. When she was 55 years old, her husband Om Prakash Jindal passed away. Om Prakash was the founder of Jindal Group. After the death of her husband, Savitri was completely broken, yet she did not give up and moved ahead, taking care of her 9 children alone.

never went to college

According to the Forbes Billionaire List 2023, Jindal Group Chairman Savitri Jindal is the richest woman in India. He is ranked sixth in the list of India's richest people. At the same time, he is ranked 94th in the list of the richest people in the world. Savitri Jindal's wealth is 17 billion dollars (Rs 13,91,31,82,50,000). She was married to Omprakash Jindal, founder of Jindal Group, in 1970. After her husband's death, she is handling the entire business. Savitri Jindal is currently 73 years old and is known for her simplicity. She never went to college to study.

Despite this, after the sudden death of her husband, she took over the entire business very well. It was not easy for Savitri Jindal. She says that in the Jindal family, most of the women take care of the household responsibilities and the men look after the outside work. Due to this, she had to work hard to manage her husband's business.

sons are handling the business

Jindal Group was founded by Savitri Jindal's late husband Om Prakash Jindal as a small indigenous manufacturer in Hisar, Haryana. Today this group has become one of the largest business groups in India. Savitri Jindal has given different responsibilities of the company to 4 sons out of her 9 children. Jindal Group has made its mark in steel, power, infrastructure, cement and other diverse sectors. Stock market listed companies under OP Jindal Group include JSW Steel, Jindal Steel & Power, JSW Energy, Jindal Saw, Jindal Stainless and investment firm JSW Holdings.

Which son got which responsibility?

To avoid any dispute regarding the business, he divided his company into four pieces and handed over its responsibilities to his four sons Prithviraj Jindal, Sajjan, Ratan and Naveen Jindal. Savitri Jindal's elder son Prithviraj is the chairman of Jindal Saw Company. Whereas, Sajjan Jindal takes charge of JWS company. Younger son Naveen Jindal was given the responsibility of Jindal Steel. His elder brother Ratan Jindal is a director in the company. Today the business of Jindal Group is spread across the country and the world. Along with business, Sajjan Jindal is also active in politics.

Jindal Steel's business is with Sajjan Jindal.

Jindal Steel, which was till now in the steel business, Sajjan Jindal expanded it from steel to mining, energy, sports, software development. Sajjan Jindal, who has an engineering background, decided to expand the family business as well as enhance his father's political legacy. Sajjan Jindal, who started his career with a steel plant in 1982, today heads JSW Steel Limited, India's second largest steel company.

Net worth of $18 billion

Savitri Jindal's wealth has fluctuated significantly over the years. During the Corona period, during the years 2019 and 2020, Savitri Jindal's net worth had decreased by 50 percent. After this, his wealth more than tripled in just two years. Savitri Jindal's net worth has reached $25.3 billion today.

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