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Monday, March 4, 2024

India still runs on two wheels and not on four wheels, if you don't believe then look at the figures.

The increasing number of cars in the country, sales records breaking every month, it seems that the economy in India is running on cars. Whereas the reality is that the future economy of the country also runs on two-wheelers. Let us tell you how...

Not only the current economy of India, but also the future economy will run not on four wheels but on two-wheelers. If you don't believe then take a look at these figures of February. Electric vehicles are being promoted a lot in the country for future mobility, but if we look at their sales figures, only 2-wheelers have won.

In February, 81,963 electric 2-wheelers were sold in the country. In February last year, 66,053 electric 2-wheelers were sold. In this way, there is a growth of about 24% in the sales of this category.

More than 8 lakh electric scooters were sold

If we rely on the data available on the government's 'Vehicle Portal', more than 8 lakh electric 2-wheelers have been sold in the country in the last 11 months. If we look at the overall sales of electric 2-wheelers, the highest number of 1,04,055 electric 2-wheelers were sold in a single month in May 2023.

However, after the cut in FAME-2 subsidy in June 2023, their sales were declining, it had come down to around 45,000 units. Now it has increased again in February.

Of the total 2-wheelers sold in the country in January, the number of electric vehicles was 5.6 percent. Similarly, in February this number became equal to 5.7 percent.

Just sales data, bookings and more

Let us tell you that only the data related to the sale of vehicles and their registration is visible on the vehicle portal. This does not reflect the booking of electric vehicles across the country. The booking figure may be much higher than this. Not only this, it also does not record the sales data of low-speed electric 2-wheelers and vehicles of Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana.(

Modi government had started FAME subsidy for faster adoption of electric vehicles in the country. In this, subsidy of up to Rs 15,000 was given by the government on the sale of electric 2-wheelers.

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