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Saturday, March 16, 2024

If you are troubled by acidity after iftar, adopt these home remedies.

Allah is worshiped by fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. After being hungry and thirsty the whole day, people eat iftar in the evening. However, some people get acidity after Iftar and due to this the whole fun can be spoiled. If acidity bothers you after eating things during Iftar, then you can get relief from these home remedies.

The holy month of Ramadan is going on. This religious festival, which started from March 12, is considered the most sacred in the religion of Islam. The last day of the month-long Ramzan will be April 10. After the sighting of the Eid moon, Eid-ul-Fitr i.e. Sweet Eid is celebrated the next day. Let us tell you that generally every Muslim keeps fast in this holy month. Even though fasting is an old tradition. It is said that Prophet Mohammad went to Mecca-Medina in the year 624. After this, Roza was included in the duty through the verse of Quran. After this, fasting became mandatory. It is also said that Prophet Mohammad is the messenger of Allah. However, after fasting, Iftar is kept in the evening. This is a way of breaking the fast in which people eat many things.

Some people get acidity after fasting without eating or drinking anything for the whole day. In such a situation, there is difficulty in fasting the next day. Actually, eating too much sweet and spicy food worsens the health of the stomach. Some home remedies can be tried to remove acidity. Let us tell you.

rules for fasting

Those fasting have to remain without eating or drinking the whole day. This is a pure way of worshiping Allah. In Islam, fasting during Ramadan is mandatory because it is considered a duty in the religion. According to the Islamic calendar, exactly one month after the sighting of the Eid moon, Eid-ul-Fitr i.e. Sweet Eid is celebrated with great pomp all over the world.

Iftar food

After fasting, Iftar is organized in the evening in which fruits or spicy tasty foods are eaten with great gusto. This is a way of celebrating the festival. Eating is good but some people are troubled by acidity after Iftar. Get relief from this

Home remedies for acidity

-If someone often gets acidity due to eating habits after breaking the fast, then he can adopt some home remedies. Such people can drink soda by mixing black salt and lemon water. This recipe proves to be very effective in reducing the acidity produced in the stomach. All you have to do is mix some soda, water, black salt and lemon juice in a glass and drink it.

-To get rid of acidity, the help of asafoetida present in the kitchen can be taken. Take some asafoetida and mix it in hot water. By drinking its water you can get relief in a jiffy.

-If someone gets acidity every time due to fasting and eating thereafter, then he should eat things made from curd in his routine. The bacteria present in this probiotic food improves stomach health. That is why it is said that consumption of curd is very important for the stomach.

-Celery recipe can also improve stomach health. People suffering from acidity or stomach problems should drink celery water daily. Soak one spoon of celery in a glass of water overnight and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. By trying this home remedy, your stomach will remain healthy and many other problems will also go away. However, if someone has acidity then he should stay away from spicy and oily foods.

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