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Thursday, March 7, 2024

Hair Care Tips: Are you troubled by oily hair? So stay away from these things

If oil starts coming back in your hair after a day of shampooing and your hair feels sticky. So to get rid of this, you can adopt these easy remedies of your grandmothers.

You must be trying many methods to make your hair shiny. But sometimes your bars start feeling sticky. This may cause a lot of itching in your scalp as dirt accumulates and sweating also occurs and in such a situation it becomes very difficult to take care of your hair. Due to sticky and oily scalp, both your mood and look get spoiled. .

No matter how nice the dress or blouse is. If your hair does not look good then your look will not be right and there will be a lack of confidence somewhere. But to get rid of this problem, you can also adopt these remedies.


Reetha is considered very beneficial for hair. These can help in removing all the dirt accumulated on your scalp. For this, take a cup of hot water and soak your fist in reetha in it. Keep it soaked for at least an hour. Then boil it until its quality reduces to half. Then after this water becomes lukewarm, mash it well. Due to which foam will appear on it. Filter this water and use it on your hair like shampoo. Massage the scalp with this water for 15 minutes. Then wash hair with shampoo or water.

Shikakai and Amla

Shikakai has cleansing properties. Which can help in clearing the dirt accumulated in the hair. Amla also conditions the hair. To make this shampoo, take 2 cups of water. Add one tablespoon shikakai and one tablespoon amla powder in it. Now boil this mixture. Then after this water becomes lukewarm, filter this water. Now apply it on the scalp and massage. Then wash it with shampoo or water.

mehndi hair pack

Mehndi is very beneficial for your hair. To make this, take 5 tablespoons of henna. Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel in it. Now mix it well and then apply half the mixture on your hair and scalp. Then leave the hair for an hour and cover the hair. After this wash the hair with mild shampoo or water. This pack can help in removing dandruff from hair. Which causes hair to become oily.

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