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Saturday, March 9, 2024

Gulab Jal Face Pack: Apply this thing mixed with rose water for a month, you will not need any makeup.

Gulab Jal Face Pack:
Not only boys but also girls use rose water. By mixing multani mitti and glycerine in it and applying it, you can get glowing skin like glass in a low budget. You can also add honey to it.

To get glowing skin, girls undergo many expensive treatments which cost thousands of rupees every month. These treatments are beneficial but their effect lasts only until you keep getting these treatments done again and again, but now you can get glowing skin like glass at home with the help of minimal things. For this you just need rose water which you can easily get in any shop. Rose water is used not only by girls but also by boys, but instead of applying rose water only on the face, if you mix it with these things and apply it, you will get more benefits.

1.Honey and Orange Peel Powder with Rose Water

You can prepare a low budget face pack at home by mixing orange peel powder and honey with rose water. To make this, you have to dry orange peels and grind them in powder form, after which mix 2 spoons of rose water and honey in it. Applying this face pack on the face daily will bring natural glow to the skin and the marks of blemishes will also lighten. After applying this face pack, do not forget to apply hydrating serum.

2.Multani Mitti and Glycerine with Rose Water

Multani Mitti has been used for skin care since ancient times. You can prepare a great face mask by mixing rose water and glycerine with multani mitti. People who have oily skin must apply this mask. Multani mitti will bring freshness to the skin and will also make the skin glow from within.

3.Glycerine with rose water

You can prepare serum by mixing glycerine with rose water. Applying a mixture of rose water and glycerine every night before sleeping can help in lightening the marks of blemishes on the face. Along with this, you can also use it as a natural cleanser. For this, you can mix glycerine in rose water and clean your face with the help of cotton. After removing makeup, you can clean your face thoroughly with it.

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