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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Do you feel excessively hungry? If these problems are the reason for this, know from the expert

Do you also feel excessively hungry? It is believed that there may be some health related problems behind this. People think that if they are hungry then they are healthy. But it is believed that this belief is a thing that remains in the dark. Know the reasons behind this from the dietician….

Some people feel more hungry than normal. Feeling hungry is a natural process of the body, but if you feel like eating excessively then it is a matter of concern. Even today, many myths are spread among the people in India regarding food habits. One of these is that if you feel very hungry then you are healthy. This is because if the body is demanding food then you are fine. Experts say that it is wrong to think like this. It is said that there may be some problems in the body behind excessive hunger and if this is happening continuously then we should get tests related to stomach, liver, kidney or other organs done.

excessive hunger

Do you also feel that your stomach is empty even after taking normal meals? Or have you ever felt as if you are being eaten, yet your stomach is not getting filled? Due to excessive hunger, people increase the intake of calories through food, which leads to weight gain.

due to excessive hunger

Dietician Surbhi Pareek says that excessive hunger is an important symptom of diabetes. If this happens to someone then he should get his blood sugar tested. Experts cited many other reasons behind this, including hormonal imbalance or hyperthyroidism, mental condition and nutritional deficiency. Sometimes people make the mistake of eating too much due to stress. Experts say that if a person is not taking adequate amount of fiber, protein or other nutrients, then it can prove to be harmful for his health. Due to this, there may also be a problem of excessive hunger.

By the way, it is believed that if a person does not get enough sleep, he may also have to face problems like excessive hunger. However, dietician Surbhi Pareek also advised to make some changes in the diet to avoid this problem.

Make these changes in diet

Experts say that if a person complains of excessive hunger, then he should change his meal eating pattern. It is wise to take small meals. The amount of fiber in it should be high. Normally, we should eat protein source first in breakfast. While eating any meal, the food should be chewed thoroughly. Mindful eating is the best option.

Experts also say that if a person eats too much under stress then he should eat some healthy foods during that time. For this, the option of salad, fruits or nuts can be chosen. Apart from this, one should drink as much water as possible during the day.

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