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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Unseasonal rain can make you sick, take care of your health like this

Due to unseasonal rain in Delhi NCR, the possibility of falling temperature and increasing cold may increase. In such a situation, to avoid health problems due to this, you should take special care of these things.

Amidst the fog and cold, the weather in Delhi NCR has changed its mood today and has turned towards rain. In such a situation, due to unseasonal rain, the possibility of temperature falling and increasing cold may increase. People's health can also be affected due to sudden changes in weather. Due to this, problems like cold, cough and fever can occur. Due to which it is very important to protect yourself.

To take care of your health during unseasonal rains, you should keep these things in mind. So that you can stay away from diseases.

take care of diet

As soon as it rains, people often like to eat pakodas and spicy food outside. But eating too much fried food in this season can cause problems like sore throat. Along with this, to keep the body temperature warm, drink hot beverages and consume things with hot nature.

Eat things that boost immunity

To avoid cold and cough, the immune system should be strong. Therefore, things that strengthen immunity should be consumed. Drinking decoction can prove beneficial for health in this season.

take care of cleanliness

When the weather changes, many types of viruses and bacteria become active. Due to which the risk of infection or any kind of disease increases. In such a situation, to avoid this, you should take full care of cleanliness.


If your health is already bad, avoid going out in this season and rest at home. Also, if you have cold or fever, take medicine as per the doctor's advice and avoid it.

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