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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Skin Care: Do you also apply moisturizer on your skin frequently? Know the disadvantages

Skin Care: In order for the moisture of the skin to return quickly or remain the same, we start using more moisturizer than necessary on our skin. But do you know that there are many disadvantages of repeatedly applying moisturizer to the skin. Let us know about it...

Moisturizer Side Effects: Like physical health, taking care of the skin is equally important. Many times, due to change in weather, problems like dry skin or pimples start occurring. Therefore, whether it is summer or winter, it is important to keep the skin moist in every season. The skin will glow only when the right amount of moisture will be retained in the skin. To maintain moisture in the skin, we use many types of creams or moisturizers.

But while trying to bring moisture to the skin, we make many mistakes. Some people start using moisturizer excessively. Many times people apply cream or moisturizer on the skin 4 to 5 times a day. But moisturizing the skin too much is also harmful.

oily skin

Excessive use of anything is harmful. This rule also applies to moisturizer. Repeatedly applying moisturizer makes the skin sticky. Due to this you may feel uncomfortable the whole day. Beauty experts say that if you moisturize too much every day, there will be difficulty in applying makeup.

clogged pores

Of course, moisturizer is important for the skin, but applying it excessively makes the skin lose its natural glow. The moisturizer which is used for glowing skin creates problems. Too much cream or lotion clogs the pores of the skin. Due to this, there is a risk of pimples and acne breakouts on our face.

skin damage

You will be surprised to know that applying too much lotion on the skin poses a risk of damaging it. If your skin is oily or sticky then dust and dirt will accumulate on your face. Due to this, itching, burning and rashes will occur. Due to this the skin will lose its natural moisture and there is a risk of skin damage. Therefore, if you also have the habit of repeatedly applying moisturizer on the skin, then leave it.

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