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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Rose Day 2024 Date: The story of Rose Day is related to the God of love! Know why roses are given

Valentines Week 2024: Valentines Week i.e. special days for lovers is starting from Rose Day on 7th February. On this day, couples give rose flowers to share the feelings of their hearts. So let us know why loving couples give each other rose flowers and how the story of Rose Day is related to the God of love.

If one wants to express love, the first thing that comes to people's mind as a gift to someone is rose flower. Whereas in February, Rose Day is celebrated on the first day of Valentine's Week i.e. 7th February. This day is very special for couples in love, whether it is to express their feelings for the first time or to express their love in front of their love partner. People exchange roses a lot on this day, but do you know that Why are roses given only to express love?

If roses are gifted to anyone then their face will glow with happiness and everyone finds roses to be the best gift to express the feelings of the heart. For now, let us know why people express their love with roses and what is the story related to Rose Day.

Why are roses given on Rose Day?

There are many stories behind celebrating Rose Day, one of which is that according to Greek mythology, the goddess of love is 'Venus' and her favorite flower is rose. For this reason, roses are given to express feelings of love. If we look at its relation with Rose Day, then the beginning of Valentine's Day is celebrated in memory of the death of Saint Valentine of Rome, while there is a lot of influence of Greek culture on the Romans.

This story is also popular

According to the story behind expressing the feelings of love by giving roses on Rose Day, if all the letters of 'Rose' are arranged in a particular sequence then it becomes 'Eros'. According to ancient Greek mythology, 'EROS' is the god of love.

Why express love only with roses?

Talking about expressing love by giving a rose to your boyfriend or girlfriend, rose is called the king of flowers and mostly it is everyone's favorite flower. A story found behind this is related to the Mughal period, according to which, Mughal ruler Jahangir's wife Noorjahan was very fond of roses and due to this, Jahangir used to send tons of roses to his wife every day. Apart from this, during the time of Queen Victoria, people used to give roses to each other to share their feelings and since then this tradition became popular among loving couples.

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