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Monday, February 19, 2024

Millet Milk: Millet milk can also be useful, how beneficial is it to drink it daily?

You must have heard about cow, buffalo, goat and soya milk. But have you ever heard about millet milk? This can prove to be beneficial for our health in many ways.

Millet is a type of grain with small seeds, which is grown and eaten all over the world. It is better known as millet. In India, things like millet roti, porridge and raab are eaten fondly, but do you know that milk made from this whole grain can also be consumed. This is a type of dairy free beverages in which protein, many types of vitamins and minerals are found. Not only this, it is gluten free. In such a situation, it can prove to be a better option for those who are on dairy free, lactose intolerant and vegan diets.

There are many types of this milk such as millet milk, proso millet milk, foxtail millet milk and browntop millet milk. However, if seen, it is not as useful or easily available in the market as almond or soya milk.

The dairy products we use. In comparison, both the taste and texture of millet milk are slightly different. Some people describe its taste as earthy or nutty. Actually, most people can drink millet milk easily. But many people may have stomach related or other problems due to this. Therefore, start drinking this milk slowly and also keep in mind how your body is reacting to drinking it.

Benefits of drinking millet milk

– Millet milk is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. By drinking which our body gets energy. Also, it can prove beneficial for the immune system and bones.

– Because millet is gluten free. Therefore, for people who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, millet milk can prove to be a healthy option instead of dairy milk.

– People who want to control their weight. Drinking millet milk is a good option for them too, because it contains less calories than dairy milk. Apart from this, due to the fiber present in it, the stomach feels full, which can help in preventing overeating.

– The fiber present in this milk can help in keeping the digestive system healthy and eliminating constipation. Besides, it also contains prebiotics, which can prove beneficial for the intestine.

take care

People who have any kind of allergy to millet or other grains should definitely consult an expert before drinking it.

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