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Friday, February 23, 2024

Flax Seed Hair Mask: Prepare home made hair gel at home from flax seeds, hair strength will increase

Flax Seed Hair Mask: As soon as the weather changes, the problem of hair fall starts, in such a situation, instead of getting expensive treatment, you can prepare hair mask at home from flax seeds. Such DIY hair masks prove to be very helpful in making hair shiny. You must apply this hair gel at least twice a week.

Soft and shiny hair adds charm to your look. Due to the use of shampoo and hair care products, most people's hair loses its shine and it soon starts looking dry and lifeless. There are many types of hair masks available in the market to make hair smooth, using which you can get shiny hair, but the chemicals used in making them are not good for our hair. Using them for a long time makes the hair worse. In such a situation, everyone has started turning towards home remedies. Here we are going to tell you one such home remedy using which you can make your hair shiny in a natural way.

No matter how expensive a treatment you go to a parlor and get done, its effect does not last long. After some time your hair starts looking dry and lifeless again. These expensive treatments include hair spa, protein treatment, keratin, hair serum. To protect your hair from these chemicals, you can get shiny hair by using flax seeds at home. Actually, you can prepare hair mask at home with flax seeds.

How to make hair mask

To make a hair mask, first of all take a bowl of flax seeds and put it in a pan for boiling with about two cups of water. When the flax seeds start looking like a gel with water, filter the gel through a cotton cloth. While squeezing the cloth, try to collect as much gel as possible. After this, separate the amount of gel you want to apply in a bowl and mix two Vitamin E capsules in it. Add one spoon of olive oil in it and mix everything well. Apply this gel on wet hair and leave it for at least 45 minutes and cover the head with a shower cap. After an hour, wash hair with a mild shampoo. Apply this hair mask once or twice a week, only then you will see its benefits.

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