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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Erotomania: Illusion of love can be dangerous, know what is erotomania


Erotomania a delusional disorder : February is the month of love. It seems as if the fragrance of love is present in the air this month. Everyone eagerly waits for Valentine's Week. But in the meantime, it is important for us to remember that many people call love a disease, an illness or an addiction. Although this thing is said in many different meanings, today we will talk about a condition or mental problem related to love.

What is erotomania?

We are talking about erotomania. This is a disease in which the suffering person gets the illusion that he is loved by an unknown person. Often people have this misconception about someone with higher authority than themselves or a famous person. This may include any film actor or actress, sportsperson, artist or other celebrity. Erotomania is a rare form of delusional disorder in which a person has the unfounded belief that another person is in love with them.

illusion of love

A person suffering from erotomania has the delusional belief that another person loves him. The person's illusion of love is often that of a celebrity or someone of high social status. This may lead the victim to believe that the other person is using secret messages to communicate with them and confirm their love. After this he starts stalking the person in front. He starts considering this imaginary relationship as true and many times he writes letters to the other person or even tries to meet him.

The problem may be related to another mental health condition.

Erotomania is a rare mental condition and an uncommon form of delusion. The affected person has a strong belief that another person loves him/her. This can also happen on its own. But it is usually associated with another mental health condition or problem such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's or bipolar disorder. This problem can last from weeks to years. Erotomania can begin suddenly and its symptoms often persist for a long time. Erotomania is also called de Clerambault syndrome, after the French psychiatrist who first described it as a distinct disorder in 1921.

Be sure to seek medical advice

Reports have shown that social media networks can increase delusional beliefs associated with erotomania, even trigger them. Social media breaks down some of the barriers between strangers and can also be used to easily see, contact, stalk, and harass people who were previously completely unreachable. Social media platforms can reduce privacy, making stalking much easier. Some studies have suggested that delusions may have developed as a way of managing extreme stress or trauma. Genetics may also contribute to the development of delusional disorders. If the person suffering from this gets proper treatment and counseling, he can become free from the disease. Therefore, it is important to seek advice from a psychiatrist or specialist as soon as this problem is detected or symptoms appear.

(Disclaimer: This article is based on information received from various sources. Accurate information about this problem and expert advice is required for its solution.)

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