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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Chair can push you towards diseases, risk of death increases; What does the study say?

Sitting on a chair can kill you... This may surprise you, but a recent study has shown that people who work sitting at one place for hours are at risk of death. Increases.

In today's time, a large population does sitting jobs and because of this one has to work sitting for about eight hours in a nine-hour shift. During this period, we do very little physical activity, hence it is very harmful for health and you can become vulnerable to many diseases. A study conducted over a long period of time has revealed that sitting not only increases the risk of diseases, but also increases the risk of dying from it.

Apart from poor eating habits, due to sedentary lifestyle, cases of serious diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are also being seen among the youth today. Sitting and working all day is also a major cause of many diseases. For now, let us know what the study says about this and how we can prevent it.

Heart diseases increase

According to a report published in Jama Network, a study conducted under the supervision of health inspectors in Taiwan included 4,81,688 participants. In the conclusion of which it was found that the risk of cardio vascular (heart disease) diseases increases by 34 percent in people who continuously work while sitting on a chair.

The risk of death also increases

According to the study based on indexes of gender, age, body mass, smoking, etc., people who mostly sat at work had a 16 percent higher risk of death from other causes, while those who took turns working. This risk was found to be less in those who sit or do not sit continuously at work.

protect yourself like this

Research says that if the risk of death is to be reduced then it is necessary to increase physical activity by 15 to 30 minutes every day. If you do a sitting job, then try to get up from time to time and do body movement for some time in addition to your workout in the morning.

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