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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Your HDFC Bank mobile app will stop if you do not do this

If your account is also in HDFC Bank, then you must complete this task. Otherwise, you will face many problems in accessing your account through HDFC Bank mobile app. Read this news...

Do you use mobile banking? Do you have an account in HDFC Bank? Then you must complete this task otherwise all your data will be lost and you will face difficulty in accessing your bank account from your mobile. HDFC Bank has also started sending information about this to its customers through email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Actually, HDFC Bank has increased many security features for its mobile app. Besides, many changes have also been made to ensure cyber security. For this, the bank says that people should update their HDFC Bank mobile app.

Mobile number verification will be necessary

According to the email of HDFC Bank, soon mobile number verification will be necessary for the security of mobile banking app. This will be an extra security feature. Because of this, now customers will be able to use HDFC Bank's mobile app only from that phone in which their SIM registered with the bank is active.

Old app will not run without update

If you already have HDFC Bank app in your phone, it will not work without an update. You can update the mobile banking app by going to Android Play Store or Apple App Store. However, the thing to keep in mind is that when you update your app, the phone should have the same SIM which is linked to the bank. You must also have an active debit card or net banking access.

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