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Saturday, January 20, 2024

You will also be able to transfer ownership on WhatsApp, this thing will be useful

WhatsApp Channel Ownership: WhatsApp had released the channel feature for one-way conversations. In the beginning, famous personalities from India and abroad had started their WhatsApp channels. However, now many people want to transfer the ownership of the channel, for this a new feature may be available soon.

New features keep coming on WhatsApp, one of the world's largest instant messaging platforms. Meta makes it easier for people to use the app by bringing interesting features. Apart from this, the experience of the users also increases. The American tech company is preparing to bring another new feature which will be very useful in WhatsApp channel. If you want to get rid of WhatsApp channel, then the company can give you an opportunity to change the ownership. Let us understand this upcoming feature in some detail.

WhatsApp started channel service last year. This is a one-way communication feature that connects you with your followers. The upcoming feature of the instant messaging platform will give more control to the channel owners. By using this feature they will be able to transfer the ownership of the channel.

New feature will change the ownership of the channel

If you have a channel and you do not want to remain its owner, then you can make another user the owner of the channel. According to reports, WhatsApp is releasing a new update under the iOS TestFlight beta program. Through this the owner of the channel can be changed easily.

Keep these things in mind

To transfer ownership, it is necessary that the new owner be first made the administrator of the channel. Keep in mind that this will be a transfer which cannot be changed later. Once the ownership goes into the hands of another administrator, there will be no change in it. Therefore, it is important that before transferring ownership, you should ensure that the new owner is the right person.

WhatsApp will bring file-sharing feature

The process of changing ownership will be final and permanent. This feature is currently under work, and will be released soon for all users. On the other hand, WhatsApp is also preparing to introduce a new feature for file sharing. People will get 'People nearby' section in WhatsApp, through which they will be able to share files with people nearby.

File sharing will be end-to-end encrypted. This will become an easy and fast way to share files. For the privacy of users whose number is not saved with you, they will not be able to see your number.

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