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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Winter fog will not be the enemy of Vitamin D! Start eating these 5 dry fruits

Vitamin D In Winters: Vitamin D deficiency occurs due to dense fog in winters. But apart from sunlight, the best source to meet the deficiency of Vitamin D is dry fruits. Know which dry fruits should be eaten in the diet.

Vitamin D Foods: Vitamin D is available in abundance naturally. But due to less sunlight in the winter season, our body is not able to get Vitamin D properly. Due to Vitamin D deficiency, bones become weak and its effect is also seen on the muscles. Not only this, deficiency of this vitamin can cause mental problems like depression and seasonal affective disorder.

Since Vitamin D is available in abundance from sunlight, Vitamin D is not available completely due to lack of sunlight due to fog in winter. But even in this season you do not need to panic. You can compensate for this deficiency by including some dry fruits in your diet.


If Vitamin D is low then start eating figs. It is a rich source of Vitamin D. You can eat both dry and fresh figs. Along with calcium, phosphorus is also found in abundance in it. This is very beneficial for bones.


Both Vitamin D and E are found in almonds. Apart from this, healthy fats and proteins are found in almonds. According to health experts, 2.6 mg vitamin D is found in 100 grams of almonds. However, you should soak them before eating them.


Cashews are also a good source of Vitamin D. It is also very beneficial for those people who are underweight. Both healthy fats and fiber are found in it. Apart from being beneficial in heart diseases, it also helps in controlling blood sugar level. Start eating almonds daily during winter season.


Raisins are also found rich in vitamins. It also contains potassium and iron, which compensates for the anemia in the body. 100 grams of raisins contain 1.3 mg of Vitamin D. You can eat it by heating it in milk.


Prunes can also be eaten to overcome Vitamin D deficiency. It is rich in fiber, which keeps the digestive system healthy. Calcium and iron are found in prunes, which strengthens bones.

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