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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Where is China's dominance decreasing, this Chinese company sold 10 crore phones in India

Despite all the bans, Chinese companies have been selling briskly in India. Chinese company Realme has sold more than 10 crore phones in India. In fact, these companies are also getting the benefits of Make in India by the Government of India.

After the closure of Chinese apps by the Modi government, the government has been continuously tightening its grip on China. Make in India promotion has also been promoted vigorously. Despite this, mobile sales of Chinese companies in India are creating new records. Chinese smartphone maker Realme has crossed the mark of selling 100 million smartphones in India by 2023, within just five years of its establishment.

On this sale, the company says that the company is working on new plans to further increase its sales in India this year. The company is focusing on improving operations, photography and design. Also, due to the increasing demand for 5G, the company is also focused on improving 5G services in India.

Why are Chinese phones being sold?

According to Realme, the company is focusing on the youth of the country. Besides, by offering phones in low budget, it is capturing more and more population. Besides, the benefits of the latest technology of the phone are also being seen in the sale. In fact, even today Chinese phones are cheaper than Made in India phones. However, some Indian companies have also launched cheap phones in the market. But they are not able to provide technology in low budget. Which is in Chinese phones.

Effect of Make in India

According to the company, the company will register a growth of 470 percent in research and development. The company says that this shows our commitment towards our technical capabilities. It also reflects our ambition to enter the mid-high range segment in the Indian market. The head office of Realme is in Shenzhen city of China. To further strengthen its hold in India, the company had opened an R&D center in India last year.

Focus on 5g

The Chinese company is also focused on 5G in India. Actually, 5G products are being liked a lot among the people. Realme also wants to take advantage of this. Therefore, the company is emphasizing on increasing the range of 5G products. Realme has entered the Indian market with its three different series of smartphones. Especially the C series is being liked a lot in India. Because it focuses on better quality, design and technology in low budget. Apart from this, the company is also working vigorously on GT series.

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