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Saturday, January 20, 2024

When the world's sharpest mind got trapped in the maze of the market, he had to lose his life's earnings.

There has been a lot of ups and downs in the stock market today. Many investors have made good returns today while some have been seen trading at losses. This is seen every trading day. Just sometimes such a story happens, which is specially recorded in history. Today's story is about losing one's life's earnings by getting trapped in the maze of the market.

These days, the speed with which investors are making money from the stock market has been seen many times in history. The market has always surprised investors with its moves. It is said that there is no person in the world who can predict the market movements with 100% accuracy. Everyone plays in probabilities. That is, how far can a share go in the market? This can only be estimated. Even if he has the sharpest mind in the world.

The interesting thing is that once in history, the world's sharpest mind was captured by the market. This story is related to Albert Einstein, who is said to be the owner of the world's sharpest mind. He had so much faith in his own mind that he dreamed of becoming the king of the market by understanding the movements of the market, but the maze of the market defeated him in such a way that his entire life's earnings were lost.

The story is old…

This incident is from 1921. When Albert Einstein had become famous in the world. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in the same year for his contribution to Physics. His contribution to Physics earned him that fame which is still taught in books even today. Einstein received an amount of 1,21,572 Swedish Kronor (about Rs 9,63,731) as Nobel Prize. When he received the award, he was 42 years old.

It is said that after this discovery, he started getting calls for lectures from different universities. Initially he went for it. Then gradually his interest started increasing towards the stock market. He started doing research about investing money in it. Within a short time, he became so confident in his research that he decided to invest his life's earnings in the stock market.

Slowly time passed. Then came the year 1929. Einstein was so confident in his calculations that he could not predict the coming devastation in the market. This was the same year when stock exchanges around the world were facing a terrible tragedy. America's stock market also became its victim. The market crashed. Crores of rupees of lakhs of investors were wasted. Albert Einstein's name was also there in it.

What was Einstein's mistake?

Benjamin Graham, owner of an American security analysis firm, published a report in 1934. It was told in it that the reason for Einstein's failure in the stock market was not because he invested in the wrong stock. At that time, there were no suitable tools available to assess market risk and check quality, and there was no specific method for examining stocks. In such a situation, no definite market trend emerges behind Einstein's failure.

Many firms related to the stock market had done research on how the mind of such a great scientist could not understand the risks of the market? No one found the exact answer to this. The stock firm believed that no single fixed formula could ever be effective for buying shares. The trend of buying and selling of stocks keeps changing with time. For this, it is very important to keep yourself updated all the time. At that time the flow of information was not as easy as it is today. Therefore, all investors were not able to get timely information about major changes in any stock.

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