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Saturday, January 13, 2024

When Piyush Mishra, a staunch communist, said: The communists did such things to me.

Each and every lyric of Piyush Mishra's songs is stuck in my heart. Not only has the voice impressed the heart and mind but it is no less in acting too. Those 20 years of life were the most difficult for the versatile Piyush Mishra, when he distanced himself from his loved ones in pursuit of a different world. When I realized this, I moved towards cinema.

In the beginning, Prachanda said, 'Today is the time of war, you pray for the group of heads... whether it is the honor of pride or the donation of life, take it down today on the arrow of a bow. You must have heard this song too. Piyush Mishra's voice is such that it quickly settles in the mind from some corner of the heart. Not only is he recognized for these great songs, but he is also an amazing artist. It's Mishra ji's birthday, so thought let's start with this. However, unlike songs and acting, Piyush Mishra's stories are also quite famous.

As soon as Piyush Mishra's name comes, the word communist comes to mind. The reason behind this is his past time. You and I know very well that he himself was a communist at one time. At that time he was far away from acting. The ground had slipped beneath the feet when Piyush Mishra, who was going in the same direction at one time, said – “Communists have done such and such to me”.

Extreme communist Piyush Mishra said such a thing

This is the story of May 2023, when Piyush Mishra had reached a show to give an interview. While narrating his story, he said, Communists have ruined 20 years of my life. There were very shocking reactions after seeing the interview for the first time. As he moved ahead, he made many revelations about the communists. However, let us know how Piyush Mishra's 20 years were wasted.

Piyush Mishra said: Comrade made me do this. There was a period when I was captured by the communists. By the time this happened, 20 years had passed and he had wasted these years of my life. He kept saying that parents are dirty things. You have to keep working for the society. Are you not a part of the society? Kranti is stopped at the red light. If you keep working, you will see the revolution will come running.”

Believe me, I was surprised to see this interview. A place where you have gone and worked for them for 20 years. Then it is shocking to hear something like this. This story of Piyush Mishra remained in the headlines. During this time he also made many revelations about his family.

Left parents and wife

Every revelation of Piyush Mishra was more surprising than the previous one. When he said- Kept working silently for 20 years. Whatever he earned, he used to give it to them. Going forward, I left everyone including my parents and my wife. However, he realized belatedly that he had become a bad son and father.

Piyush Mishra said, I started understanding quite late that I have lost everything in these affairs. That was the decision, after which he left that world and moved towards cinema. If this decision had not been taken, perhaps today he would have been on the same path, which he said was the reason behind his life getting spoiled.

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