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Thursday, January 25, 2024

What is hypoglycemia, in which falling sugar level can lead to death.

When the sugar level in the body increases and this problem persists, then there is a risk of diabetes. Like increasing sugar level, its occurrence can also be dangerous. Decrease in sugar level is called hypoglycemia, which can also prove fatal.

Increasing sugar level in the body is as dangerous as decreasing sugar level. If the sugar level in your body has gone below 70 mg/dl then do not take it lightly. Persistent problem can be a symptom of hypoglycemia. Due to low sugar level, symptoms like sudden excessive sweating, increased heartbeat and anxiety and nervousness are felt. In many cases, people do not know that such symptoms can also be due to low sugar level.

Doctors say that the problem of hypoglycemia is seen in diabetic patients. Hypoglycemia occurs in diabetic patients who do not take medicines on time or whose lifestyle is not good. But people who do not have diabetes can also suffer from this disease. This is called non-diabetic hypoglycemia. If someone does not have diabetes and is experiencing symptoms like rapid heartbeat or sudden excessive sweating, then it could be a sign of low sugar level in the body. Ignoring these symptoms can be fatal.

Why does sugar level go down?

Dr. Deepak Kumar Suman, former resident of Safdarjung Hospital, says that there are many reasons for low sugar level in the body. Eating late, not eating on time and low carb in the diet are also major reasons for this. Diabetic patients or other people are advised to eat their meals on time and try to have good amount of carbohydrates in it.

what are the disadvantages

Dr. Deepak explains that if the sugar level decreases, it causes many side effects. Suddenly there may be weakness in the body and heart beat increases. If there is a problem of low sugar for a long time then it can even put life at risk.

how to protect

Diabetic patients and people who have ever shown symptoms of hypoglycemia are advised to check their sugar level every day. If the sugar level is less than 70 then you can drink juice or take glucose tablets. With this the sugar level comes under control. But if sugar is still not under control then consult a doctor immediately.

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