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Thursday, January 4, 2024

What is the childhood mark like rash on your arm? How is it made?

Arm Scar:
Some marks are formed on the human body after birth. These are formed in different places and in different ways in everyone's body. But the mark we are going to tell about today is present at almost one place in the body of half the world's population. Let us know from experts.

Chickenpox Vaccine Scar: If you are born in India then it is possible that you may have a scar on your hand. Well, if it is not on your hand then it will definitely be on your father or grandfather's arm. Actually, there will be a big mark on the arms of not only India but at least half of the population living all over the world. Some people have marks like birth marks since birth, but this vaccination mark is big and feels quite painful.

Often children ask questions to their parents as soon as they see such a mark. Let us tell you here what this mark is about. Along with this, we will also try to know from experts how and why this mark is formed.

What is a mark after all?

Deepak Kumar Suman, a former resident doctor at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, says that the mark present on the arm is from the smallpox vaccine. This mark means that the vaccine has been given and when this vaccine is given, a large granular red wound is formed on the arm of some children which leaves a mark.

skin injury

According to the report of WebMD , before chickenpox was eradicated in the year 1980, many people were given its vaccine. By the age of 40, the mark of this vaccine remains on the body forever. Although this mark does not cause any harm, skin injury definitely occurs during vaccination. But vaccination technique cannot be held completely responsible for this mark.

Why does the mark appear?

Smallpox vaccine contains a live virus. This creates a controlled infection, which sends signals to the immune system to protect your body from the virus. Coming in contact with the virus causes wounds and itchy lumps. After this this lump becomes a big blister and leaves a scar.

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