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Monday, January 22, 2024

Wedding lehengas and expensive clothes lying at home are becoming useless! So this can be useful for you

In the wedding, the bride and groom and the family members buy stylish and expensive outfits. But after wearing them once, they remain lying in a corner of the house. Because everyone hesitates in wearing them for the second to third time, in such a situation, you can save those expensive outfits by doing this. Can be used again.

In weddings, the bride and groom as well as the family members buy expensive and heavy clothes to wear in the wedding. The bride and her sisters mostly like to wear lehengas on this occasion. There is a lot of embroidery on these bridal and heavy lehengas, due to which their price is also very high. Those outfits are worn comfortably once in a wedding, sometimes people wear them in second wedding also. But I don't feel like wearing that outfit more than once or twice. In such a situation, expensive outfits start getting spoiled while lying at home.

But we can reuse these expensive outfits or we can also get money for them. In such a situation, if you also have wedding outfits, then they can be useful to you in this way.

resell or rent

Reselling or renting sarees, lehengas or children's clothes are the best options. For this, you can reach many customers online such as through any website or through social media Facebook and Instagram. Along with this, there are many shops in the markets where you can sell these expensive clothes.

wear a different style

You can wear clothes in different styles. For example, if you have a very lovely and heavy saree, then you can make a suit or long suit and wear it. If it is a lehenga then you can wear it in many ways by taking a matching blouse with it. If the suit has a heavy dupatta, then you can match it with a contrasting color suit. You can make clothes for your child in another wedding from the same saree or suit.

make useful things

But if your clothes no longer have the same shine as before and you are interested in embroidery and weaving, then you can make attractive carpets, rugs and doormats from old clothes. You can use it in any decoration during wedding or festival. For example, if you have a heavy dupatta then you can use it for wall decoration at the time of Haldi or Mehndi.

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