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Saturday, January 13, 2024

VR glasses are worn on Russian cows, they give 40 percent more milk

VR glasses are usually used for playing games or for entertainment, but Russia's Agriculture Department has shown a unique use of it. According to the Agriculture Department of Russia, if a cow is made to wear VR glasses, then their ability to give milk increases.

Till now people knew that listening to music provides relief from pain in body parts, but Russian milk producers have made a new claim. In this claim, milk producers have said that if you make the cow wear VR glasses then the cow will give up to 40 percent more milk. This initiative has been started by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Russia and a video of it has also been shared on social media.

This video of cows wearing VR glasses, uploaded by a user named MindSet H2, has received more than 13 lakh likes so far and more than 5 thousand comments have been received on this video. Now the question arises whether in reality if a cow is made to wear VR glasses, will she produce more milk? If you want to know this, then you can tell this trick to the milk brothers present around you and can easily know whether there has been any increase in their milk production or not.

What does VR glasses do?

In the video uploaded by a user named MindSet H2, it is told that cows are made to wear VR glasses set for 24 hours. In which a video of green grass and open fields is played. Due to which the cow gets the illusion that it is living in an open field and this improves the mood of the cows. Through this entire process the milk yielding capacity of the cow increases and milk production increases. Besides, it also has a good effect on the health of cows.

Why was there need for VR set?

It is very cold in Russia. Let us tell you that cows can neither tolerate too much heat nor too much cold. For this reason, cows in Russia are being made to wear VR glasses, so that they can feel that they are in the grass and open fields and the weather here is pleasant. This entire process keeps the cows safe and their milk yielding capacity also increases.

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