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Monday, January 8, 2024

Unique restaurant, where food is served only to negative people, entry of single men is banned

There is a unique restaurant in Japan, whose name is 'Negative Cafe and Bar'. In this restaurant, food is served only to negative people and the most interesting thing is that the entry of men alone is prohibited here. If a man wants to come here, it is necessary for him to be accompanied by some woman.

You too must be going to eat in restaurants or hotels etc. Generally, there are no restrictions for anyone in hotels or restaurants, but there are some restaurants and cafes in the world where some special rules have been made regarding people. Have you heard about any restaurant where single men are not allowed to go? Probably not, but there is one such restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, where if men come alone, they will not be given entry and if they come with a woman, they will get entry. This unique restaurant is very much in discussion these days.

The name of this restaurant is 'Negative Cafe and Bar'. It is located in an area called Shimokitazawa of Tokyo. According to the Forbes report, this restaurant was opened after the Corona epidemic in the year 2020. The surprising thing is that the owner of this restaurant is suffering from depression and he started this restaurant with the thought that people with negative thinking can also come here, because there should be such a special place for them too.

This restaurant is open for negative people

According to reports, the restaurant owner says, 'Negative people are of kind nature. That is why I have established a comfort zone for them. The interesting thing is that if you want, you can bring food from outside and eat inside the restaurant. There is no restriction for this, but there is a condition. You will definitely have to order some drink from here, only then you can stay here and the price of that drink should be 300 yen i.e. around Rs 172.

There is another strange restaurant in Japan itself

Although this is not the first restaurant, which is famous for a strange reason, there is also a restaurant in Japan named Shachihoko-ya, where the waitress slaps the customers before serving the food. The interesting thing is that there is a crowd of customers here, which also includes foreign customers.

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