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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Uma Bharti's Health Deteriorated After Reaching Ayodhya, Said 'I Am Sorry'

Uma Bharti reached Ayodhya, health deteriorated : Uma Bharti is not well. She has reached Ayodhya and her health has deteriorated due to travel and cold. He himself has given this information through social media. He said that he is currently in Ayodhya but due to poor health, he is not in a position to meet anyone at the moment.

Uma Bharti reached Ayodhya, health deteriorated 

The BJP leader has written on X that “ Leaved from Bhopal on 17th and as soon as we landed in Lucknow on the morning of 18th, I got high fever. Lucknow is very cold, that is why I remained in Lucknow from 18th to 19th evening and did not meet anyone. Then my mind did not agree, that is why Ayodhya came to this situation. It is very cold here, that is why in case of fever, even by taking medicine, there is no change, till the time of recovery, I cannot meet anyone. Everyone please forgive me. Even in such severe cold, innumerable great souls, sages, saints, men and women are wandering in Ayodhya, there is no lack of arrangements by the government but people are immersed in the joy of devotion to Ram. Sitaram Sitaram from all sides. Or only Ram Dhun is being heard. Such a wonderful, glorious and joyful culmination of a campaign that continued for 500 years would never have happened in the world. Salute to all those who have contributed in these 500 years from the beginning till now.”

Said, 'Everyone is immersed in devotion to Ram'

Uma Bharti has a long association with Ayodhya and now when the Ram temple is being inaugurated and Ram Lalla is being consecrated, it was expected that she would reach there. But the severe cold during this journey has spoiled his health. However, even during this time, he is very excited about the Ram temple and has told that everyone here is immersed in the devotion of Ram. All the devotees including Uma Bharti are now eagerly waiting for 22nd January, the day Ramlala will be enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum.

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